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It is now possible to personalize the home screen layout of Android Auto


The recently released version of Android Auto has undergone major overhaul, and one of the improvements that is immediately evident is the addition of a new home screen layout choice. The application has been updated to incorporate a new choice that allows users to alter the layout of Android Auto. Users of the Galaxy have unquestionably gained additional options to personalize their Android Auto experience as a result of the new setting. The new design of Android Auto includes what the most of you are likely already know, which is that the home screen is organized into three information-packed cards. The navigation widget, which is primarily comprised of Google Maps, is the most noticeable because it gives you an overview of both your current location and the route that you intend to take.

The second card provides a list of recommended locations that are organized for quick access on the navigation screen. As soon as you’ve been driving for a bit, that card will disappear, and the one after it will appear, displaying the medium that you have selected. Although you had some say over which apps were displayed prior to the most current version of Android Auto beta (v9.0), this configuration was mostly predefined before that release. However, users were unable to alter where the navigation widget was displayed on their screens. This is no longer the case, however, as Android Auto just introduced a new customization option for its interface, therefore the previous statement is no longer accurate.

Android Auto gives you a comfortable interface to utilize while you’re driving, which improves the overall experience. When you are on the move, you can easily access the navigation, music, and phone apps, as well as any other apps you might need, simply by looking at the home screen. This arrangement has been meticulously designed to provide both safety and simplicity of use, with all of your most often used features conveniently located in front of you. Nonetheless, there may be situations in which you desire a different layout that is better suited to your requirements. You might, for instance, choose to bring particular programmes to the forefront of the screen or rearrange the order in which the apps are shown.

The home screen of Android Auto can have its layout customized in a somewhat straightforward manner. To open the app drawer on your Android Auto head unit, all you have to do is hit the button that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Next, find the settings area, then head into that section and seek for the option to change the layout. Finally, select the option that brings the navigation system closer to the driver.