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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Get Meds


The kidnapping of Grand Chien’s president has led to a power struggle and the rise of “The Legion,” a paramilitary force. Players must enlist multiple characters to control different areas of the gameplay, such as handling and maintaining guns, in this tactical role-playing game. Both players and mercenaries could get hurt during a mission and need to be healed. Herbs and medications, among the most important healing supplies in JA 3, can heal the mercs on your team. This post will walk you through how to obtain medications in Jagged Alliance 3:

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How to Get Meds

In JA3, you can find Meds by looking around the tactical maps’ inhospitable sections. Use a Merc with High Wisdom stats to enter the Tactical view to improve your chances. Using this method, you will probably locate more Herbs in Jagged Alliance 3. The Herbs can provide enough health for survival, even though they don’t heal as much as a First Aid kit.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Get Meds

The following are the top methods in Jagged Alliance 3 for recovering and obtaining medication:

  • Look for all of the sector’s tactical maps to obtain medications or plants. You can get at least two or four medications from this.
  • To get some medication, head to the flea market. Make sure not to squander the medication you have purchased, as it may be a one-time buy.
  • Proceed to the hospitals located all across the map if you have enough cash.
  • Despite their rarity, these hospitals may be located in the D8 and H12 sectors.
  • If you wish to encounter fewer Legion adversaries, we advise going to the Rebel Holdout Clinic.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Get Meds

You can heal in addition to the abovementioned methods by getting adequate sleep. However, we advise filling the Med Bags with extra medications or first aid supplies. Keep your Mercs out of harm’s way to prevent running out of medication in JA3. Also, as they can heal injured colleagues, we advise hiring Mercs with better Medical proficiency numbers.

How to Get More Meds

Drugs are available at flea markets. Moreover, salvage unused medicine kits and right-click. Hey, I had no idea you were capable of that! I keep hoping that we could combine partial medical kits like we could in earlier games, as I replace them with full ones when they run short, leaving low kits all around my dump sector.


How do you heal in Jagged Alliance 3?

Players will need to make sure they have built enough Meds out of their collected Medical Herbs in order to heal teammates during deployment and conflict. You can turn the herbs into useable medication by right-clicking on them on the Inventory screen.

What is grit in Jagged Alliance 3?

Grit is a shield, and that’s true because the wounded state is solely related to a loss of HP. 1-6 of 6 comments are shown. Topic Details: Jagged Alliance 3 > General Discussions.

Is Merc in Jagged Alliance 3?

In the turn-based action game Jagged Alliance 3, developed by HaemimontGames and THQ Nordic, players command a squad of mercenaries in their mission to free Gran Chien from a rebel force called as the Legion.

Is Ivan worth it in Jagged Alliance 3?

Yes, without a doubt one of the best skills in the game, and his hat’s drawback is really minor. Sometimes reading the description is sufficient. He’s also the most qualified applicant for onemanarmy achievement.

How many mercenaries are in the Jagged Alliance 3?

There are forty mercenaries in the game, including a number of recurring characters like Vicki Waters, Ivan Dolvich, and Fidel Dahan. Mercenaries have the ability to target specific areas of an enemy’s body with their customizable weapons.