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Alan Wake 2 – What Hides Behind the Smile


The player takes on a valiant quest in the survival horror game Alan Wake 2. Alan Wake 2’s What Hides Behind the Smile Cult Stash needs a key to open, but all that’s provided is an eerie drawing and an enigmatic letter that directs you to its location. This piece will elucidate the meaning behind Alan Wake 2’s smile:

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How to Open the What Hides Behind the Smile Cult Stash

A path immediately behind the Huotari Well leads to the What Hides Behind the Smile Cult Stash. Its position is shown on the map. Like all of the other Stashes, this Cult Stash needs a key to unlock and only includes a note indicating where the key is. In this instance, the message is illustrated as a happy pot of coffee with the words “What hides behind the smile?” written beneath it. After all, this is Coffee World.

Alan Wake 2 - What Hides Behind the Smile

The big, happy coffee pot decoration in the center of Coffee World is alluded to in the note. The graphic below shows the exact position. After you locate the eerie coffee pot, head around the back and up the stairs on the left. Turn around with the pot until you are facing its left side.

Alan Wake 2 - What Hides Behind the Smile

There should be certain branches where you can see the Coffee World Stash key if you look below. After picking it up, return to the Cult Stash. To unlock the Stash, use the key on it. There are some arrows and ammunition within the Stash.

How to Solve Alan Wake 2 What Hides Behind the Smile Puzzle

The world of Alan Wake 2 is thrilling and full of weaponry and hidden riches. The Cult Stash key is one such treasure. To solve What’s Behind the Small Puzzle in Alan Wake 2, you must locate this key. To find this, you would need to venture into coffee. Now, let’s see how to find the Coffee World stash key in Alan Wake 2 and work our way through the puzzle.

Alan Wake 2 - What Hides Behind the Smile

How to Answer the What’s Behind the Smile Problem in Alan Wake 2:

  • The Huotary Well, which players find by following the signs that lead to the Espresso Express, is located next to the Coffee World stockpile.
  • It sits against a granite feature on the well’s north side.
  • A spooky drawing with a statement stating, “The key is concealed behind the smile,” will be present, referring to the smiling coffee pot. But the key isn’t in this location.
  • See the big sculpture of the coffee pot with the smile next to the gazebo.
  • To find the Coffee World Stash key behind the left side, close to a thin tree, climb the wooden stairs and check behind this sculpture.
  • With the Coffee World Stash key in hand, open the container to solve the “What Hides Behind the Smile Puzzle.”
  • There is a hand flare, handgun ammunition, and shotgun ammunition inside.

After figuring out this problem, you have successfully added the special additions to your game. All you have to do is locate the eerie drawing that indicates where the cult stash key is located by going to the Coffee World stash. Locate the key behind the huge sculpture after that.


Where are bolt cutters in Alan Wake 2?

The Boltcutters are located at the Valhalla Nursing Home once you reach the Overlap. These are necessary to advance through the nightmare zone. Three “loops” later, you’ll be able to reach a sizable area where a Tool Cabinet has the Boltcutters, which are locked away.

How many chapters are in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is divided into a total of 19 chapters. Remember that players do not play as Alan or Saga in the prologue, the first chapter, which is a short one. There are eighteen chapters if you take out the prologue. Gamers will take over the role of Saga in nine of them.

Who is the face model in Alan Wake 2?

Actor Matthew Porretta returns as Alan Wake, the title character and only protagonist of the first Alan Wake video game released in 2010. Ilkka Villi, star of Bordertown (Sorjonen), is his live-action counterpart and face model, but Porretta’s voice is always heard.

Will Alan Wake 2 be connected to Control?

Both games have even closer connections in Control’s AWE DLC. Jesse Faden, the recently appointed director of the Federal Bureau of Control, is assigned to remove any remaining threats from Hiss from the Investigations Sector.

What happens at the end of Alan Wake 2?

It is The Presence that transforms reality itself through art, and it seeks to subjugate gifted people to further solidify its hold on the world and drive it toward its vision of an unending circle of adoration.