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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Make Money


Jagged Alliance 3 has a large cast of mercenaries with distinct characters and backstories. The game’s sophisticated map has sectors with varied tales and difficulties. As with most games, players must earn money. This is a long, boring agricultural process that some users dislike. Haemimont Games’ third installment of the trilogy introduces strategic and tactical battle with armed, mercenary mercenaries. This article explains how to gain money in Jagged Alliance 3:

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By Selling Diamonds and Relics

You can find unique and precious goods as you fight throughout Grand Chein and eliminate Legion soldiers. You can interact with the environment in a few spots, but it will take a check of your dexterity or strength to do so. These can often be found in enemy camps and mines, though they are not restricted to those locations. If you’re successful, you can pillage the location.

One such structure is an ancient tomb, examples of which can be seen in Satellite map form at the mainland diamond mine located at H7. By plundering the tombs, one can obtain priceless artifacts that can be sold for a respectable sum.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Make Money

On a lootable body, a little white diamond symbol on a red background indicates the presence of diamonds rather than relics. Chance encounters are possible, although diamond mine adversaries are where you’re most likely to see these. These diamond hoards can only come from Legion diamond shipments, which may be followed on the tactical map and the scrolling calendar below.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Make Money

The incentives from stealing diamonds from private individuals are marginally higher if the diamonds are of sufficient value. If you don’t want to sell your little diamonds, you can use them to buy loot boxes from Lalee Leywaaylender. However, receiving a shipment of diamonds is a surefire method to increase your hoard. If you intercept a shipment containing diamonds, you can sell them for a tidy sum (about $12,500). Diamonds and artifacts can be sold with a simple right-click and “cash in” option.

By Controlling Diamond Mines

If you’re starting a new game, this should be one of your top goals because it’s the most lucrative and time-efficient way to make money. All across Grand Chein, you can find diamond mines. Adonis owns them, but the Legion is now living there. Each time you free a diamond mine, Adonis will send a percentage of the income to you. This generates a daily profit of $3,000 per mine on average.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Make Money

It’s possible to raise it much higher. Freeing surrounding towns and performing side quests for their population will earn you more support from the locals. The more devoted your workers are, the more money you’ll make in the diamond mines. However, the Train Militia operation should be used to keep the mines defended when your mercenaries aren’t present, as released mines are vulnerable to attack by Legion forces.

By Looting and Trading

Earn as much money as possible by hiring mercenaries who are experts in picking locks, disarming bombs, and repairing vehicles. This paves the way for players to acquire rare items and exploit systems for financial gain. You can make some additional money by going through your treasure after a successful combat or hack and selling it to a shop. To make the most of limited means, optimizing trade routes and searching for bargains is essential. Players should also heal their mercenaries after looting.

Outposts and Mine

Eliminate enemy outposts as quickly as possible to reduce their influence and increase your income. For a consistent flow of cash, you should make it a top priority to seize critical mines in important places. The production of mines will grow as a result of both the conquest of nearby towns and the completion of loyalty side quests. After that, ensure that you continue to exercise control over these precious assets so that you can continue to bring in money.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Make Money


How do you increase loyalty in Jagged Alliance 3?

Players can swiftly gain Loyalty in two ways: by defeating the Legion in battle and by completing Side Quests for characters in the towns.

What can you sell in Jagged Alliance 3?

You can only trade in and out of Jagged Alliance 3 with parts and valuables. This means you’ll have to disassemble your guns for parts before you can sell them and make any money. Thankfully, you won’t have to hunt out any specific locales or NPCs to accomplish this.

What to do with diamonds in Jagged Alliance 3?

In the second section of town, near the priest, there is a guy you may talk to for a few details if you have a few small gems. The little gems I sold for $500 are now in demand since they may be exchanged for loot boxes containing, thus far, fantastic stuff. The priest buys up the small ones and resells them for more than they’re worth.

Can you sell equipment in Jagged Alliance 3?

Scrap. Common things like Armor and Equipment must be reduced to scrap before they may be sold. Simply choose the item in question from the player’s Inventory and click the ‘Scrap’ button to sell it.

What is the best assault rifle in Jagged Alliance 3?

In Jagged Alliance 3, the G36 is arguably the best all-around weapon, as it can be utilized effectively by Mercenaries of any role. The G36 excels in all shooting modes, and even in full auto, it maintains respectable accuracy.