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Jagged Alliance 3: How to Recruit Flay


In Jagged Alliance 3, you lead a band of mercenaries in a tactical turn-based battle. Find the president and bring peace back to Grand Chien; that’s your mission. Soldiers can be hired through the Browser, but there are also rare ones you can encounter by completing tasks. These covert recruits can become valuable squad members if you can access them. How to Recruit Flay in Jagged Alliance 3 is Explained.

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How to Recruit Flay

Consult Hyena in C4 to initiate Flay’s recruiting. Hyena leads the local poacher camp. Hyena will inform you about Flay and his history of eliminating local poachers. The next step is for you to eliminate Flay. We’ll explain in further depth below, but here’s the short version:

  • Visit C6 and talk to the dead.
  • A character with 90 Wisdom or higher can talk to Flay.
  • Make Flay your hunter

Go to C6, which is east of the camp, and then to B4, which is to the northwest. In these tiles, you will locate three corpses. Talk to every one of them. After talking to the three dead people, Flay will emerge and offer some commentary. To proceed, you must have a character with a Wisdom attribute score of at least 90. Having a mercenary with social advantages is also beneficial.

Jagged Alliance 3: How to Recruit Flay

This is the sole way to initiate communication with Flay to recruit him. Flay’s mental health is up for discussion in the discourse tree. Instead of doing that, have him look for you. Flay will join your squad if you pass the requirements. Flay is a talented marksman and would serve the team well as a sniper. If you need an extra team member, the detour to get him is well worth it.

One can be located in grid cell C6 to the east of the Poacher Camp. Find the body with the magnifying glass icon above it, investigate it, and log the information. Two further bodies can be found in area B4, north of the camp. The procedure is the same as before; after the hyenas are gone, talk to the two antlered corpses.

Jagged Alliance 3: How to Recruit Flay

A squad member with 90 Wisdom or higher is required to trigger the prompt for the recruitment choice. You can hire Barry for a few days at almost no cost if you don’t already have access to someone of that level of Wisdom. You can choose to have him land on Ernie island and then be transported to the B2 sector port.

To reach the rest of the team in sector B4, it is simple to sneak past the enemies there and enter sector B3. The port could be freed first, and then the final two antler bodies could be retrieved. After talking to the last two dead guys in sector B4, Flay will emerge from the woods and converse with you.


How do I hire Spike in Jagged Alliance 3?

If you want to join Spike Scallion’s crew, head to sector A20, which is in the upper right area of the map. This is a fortified zone patrolled by the Legion’s finest. If you decide to go to war with him, things will get complicated when he orders his forces to assassinate President LaFontaine.

How to save refugee camp jagged alliance 3?

Intercepting the attacking Légion team before they reach Biff’s section is the only option to delay the disaster in the Refugee camp. You won’t have to worry about the Légion sending reinforcements your way for a few months if you leave Biff up north.

What weapons are in Jagged Alliance 3?

Handguns, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Rifles, Machine Guns, and Heavy Weapons are the game’s seven ranged weapon types. Each one is unique in appearance, range of effect, and type of assault.

What are the mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3?

All-Rounder, Mechanic, Doctor, Marksman, Explosive Expert, and Leader are the six primary types of mercenaries. Characters start out at different levels, from Recruit all the way up to Legendary, but everyone has the chance to level up and get better as they play.