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How to Repair Weapons in Jagged Alliance 3


Jagged Alliance 3 contains a durability mechanic in the game which lowers the durability of the goods such as guns and gear. Players will have to micromanage the colorful cast of mercenaries in conflict in addition to maintaining the control of territory and resources. Repairing the guns is one of the crucial responsibilities as players don’t want their guns to jam in the middle of a shootout. Learn how to fix your weapons in Jagged Alliance 3 with the help of this article!

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How to Repair Weapons

A Mechanic is needed to fix the broken equipment in Jagged Alliance 3. A Mechanic is an essential member of any team, as they can fix broken equipment. Here are the actions you need to do to fix the Items.

  • The Strategic Map Screen can be accessed using the letter M.
  • Switch to the Operations menu. At the very bottom of the screen, next to the progress bar, you’ll find it.
  • Locate the tab’s Repair Items option and click on it.
  • Click on the squares to reveal the Mechanic of your choice. Players can choose two mechanics to use simultaneously to speed up item repairs.
  • Once you’re ready to proceed to the next menu, click the Pick Item button.
  • This menu lists all of the broken equipment, and fixing it requires moving the items to the Queued Items section. They can either type in the information themselves or use the handy Auto-fill feature.
  • After the necessary time has passed, all the damaged items in the queued will be fixed.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Repair Weapons

Players will need to stock up on Parts in order to fix their Items. To keep themselves occupied, players can press the Play button on the progress meter and resume play once the objects have been fixed. All the fixed goods will be returned to stock in full working order.

How to Prevent Guns to Jam

Having the ideal shot lined up on an unsuspecting victim and then having the pistol jam is one of the most aggravating things that can happen. Similarly, the last thing characters need is for their weapons to break down while they’re in the midst of a life-or-death situation and need to protect themselves.

However, this is possible if the character’s Marksman skill is inadequate if the weapon is in bad condition. Characters lose a turn as a result, but players can mitigate the loss to only one by unjamming the weapon right away. The weapon can be unjammed and used again on the next turn by clicking the cog icon that appears in the lower center of the screen when a jam occurs.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Repair Weapons

Reloading will also be a manual process, but players can still use their weapons on the same turn, albeit with less attack power. Mechanics can also patch up the various mounted weapons strewn throughout the game globe so that the team can put them to use.

How to Modify the Weapons

Because to jamming problems, players will need to make the following adjustments to their weapons:

  • The initial step for players is to access their bags.
  • The next step is to right-click on the weapon they wish to alter.
  • The “Modify” button must then be selected by the player.
  • Below each weapon, the player will notice a square, and by clicking on it, they may choose whatever mods to install there.

Jagged Alliance 3 - How to Repair Weapons

NOTE: A higher Mechanical level among the mercenary crew is recommended due to the mod’s difficulty. If players don’t follow the new rules, their weapons can become less reliable and they might fail the mod.


How do you use the repair shop in Jagged Alliance 3?

To access the menu for the Strategic Map, press the M key on your keyboard. Proceed to the tab labeled Operations, which may be found at the very bottom of the menu. Choose the Items That Need Repair.

How do you heal in Jagged Alliance 3?

Players should prepare enough Meds ahead of deployment and battle by crafting them from acquired Medical Herbs. Right-clicking the herbs in your inventory will allow you to process them into medicine.

How do you sell weapons in Jagged Alliance 3?

Common things like Armor and Equipment must be reduced to scrap before they may be sold. Players can do this from their Inventory by selecting the item they want to sell and clicking the “Scrap” button.

Can you buy guns in Jagged Alliance 3?

Guns appear out of nowhere. You can also purchase firearms later on in the game. Remember that in cities with a repair shop, you can also make your own ammunition using Operation. However, I am unsure of the conditions to do so and the associated costs (I was unable to activate that operation in the island community).

How do you get money in Jagged Alliance 3?

Focus on seizing significant mines in strategic areas to ensure a constant cash flow. The production of mines can be increased by capturing surrounding cities and fulfilling loyalty side quests. Then, keep your hands on these resources to keep the cash rolling in.