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Hi-Fi Rush – How to Get Past Fires


Some parts of Hi-Fi Rush’s globe will be off limits to gamers because of the flames. Fans won’t be able to walk across these flames at first, but they’ll unlock a skill that’ll let them later. As players tear through the Hi-Fi Rush levels, they’ll encounter a number of doors that can’t be opened because of the incoming fire. If you’re having trouble escaping the flames in Hi-Fi Rush, read on!

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How to Unlock the Necessary Powers to Get through the Fires

Before reaching Track 7, players cannot enter the safe zone. There, they’ll meet Korsica, a fiery ex-Vandelay University security chief. Not only is she a tough cookie who excels at close quarters combat, but she also knows how to find her way around a firefight. After completing a level in Hi-Fi Rush, players can meet up with their squad in the hideout and discuss strategy. Make contact with her and bring her along to the meeting so she can join the team.

As soon as Track 8 begins, Chai will be confronted by a fire door and will need Korsica’s assistance. Players must cycle to her with the left trigger button, then hold the right trigger to call her out and put out the fire. Once Chai arrives, she’ll have to click the RT button when the indicator is in the green (yellow is okay, too) in order to win a circular, timing-based minigame.

Players will be able to replay levels when they have completed all the levels of Hi-Fi Rush. Then, they can use Korsica to go back to earlier levels and reach those previously inaccessible regions. By replaying earlier stages, players can increase their score or challenge the Rhythm Mastery difficulty setting.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Get Past Fires

Due to the lack of promotion leading up to the release of this game, many people were caught off guard by it. Now that it’s out, Hi-Fi Rush is getting a lot of attention because to its clever gameplay, offbeat characters, and humorous commentary on itself. Both critics and users are giving it great rankings in terms of quality, and word of mouth alone is driving this game to new heights of popularity.

How to Extinguish the Fire Doors

Chai is not equipped to handle fire doors by himself, despite the fact that he has recently discovered his talent for music. Instead, he is going to have to rely on the assistance of one of his allies, who is a character that you won’t meet until several tracks into the game. Before you may have this individual join Chai’s crew, you will need to complete the game up to and including Track 7.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Get Past Fires

The individual in question is Korsica, and Chai first encounters her somewhere in the middle of the game. It is appropriate that the person who formerly held the position of Head of Security is the only one who can bring down fire barriers like this. Following Chai’s successful completion of Track 7, he will acquire the knowledge necessary to put out fires using Korsica.

To begin, get closer to the fire door, then press and hold the RT button to call Korsica, and finally, point your weapon toward the fire. As soon as you let go of the trigger, a quick rhythm minigame will start. On the screen will present itself a circle with one or more green parts included within it.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Get Past Fires

After the countdown, your objective is to hit the RT button at the precise moment that the arm in the circle is positioned so that it covers each segment of green. When the minigame is finished and completed successfully, the fire will be extinguished for a short period of time, and a small timer will show, indicating how much longer you have before the blaze will resume.


How do I get better timing on Hi-Fi Rush?

Enabling the rhythm assist is a fantastic approach to familiarize yourself with the time and learn how to perform this task more effectively. You can better timing your attacks by paying attention to this bar at the bottom of the screen, which displays the rhythm.

What rank is best in Hi-Fi Rush?

In Hi-Fi RUSH, your combat prowess is ranked from zero to the coveted S-Rank based on your performance in each battle. Each and every stage may be S-Ranked, giving players of all skill levels a unique opportunity to test and improve their abilities.

What are the best chips in Hi-Fi Rush?

You have a total of five chip slots, and the chips that are most deserving of a place in those slots are as follows: Super High Alert, Macaron’s Lucky Punch, Macaron’s After Shock, Peppermint Shock Jump, and Korsica Stun Extend. As you are aware, you have a total of five chip spaces.

Who is the main character in Hi-Fi Rush?

In Hi-Fi Rush, the player takes control of Chai, who is the primary playable protagonist. Chai, one of the playable Heroes, is a former college student who became a “defect” as a result of a bungled experiment conducted by Project Armstrong. As a result, Vandelay Technologies made him a target of their operations.

How do you do special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush?

New Special Attacks can be purchased and swapped out whenever the player reaches Peppermint’s Shop for the first time. Simply navigate to the “Special Attacks” section of the Shop, and then access the “Equip” section by pressing “Left Trigger” on Xbox or “Shift” on PC.