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Sea Of Stars – How to Move the Green Blocks


An exciting journey that tests your strategic acumen, puzzle-solving prowess, and fighting expertise all come together in Sea of Stars. The Wind Tunnel Mines in the Stonemason’s Outpost are a fantastic example of a dungeon that necessitates the usage of all of these skills in unison. Learn how to shift the green blocks in Sea of Stars by reading this article.

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How to Move the Green Blocks

You will require an item known as the Mistral Bracelet in order to move these obstructions. The use of this item grants you the ability to generate gusts of wind, which you may then employ to move the green bricks in whichever direction you see fit.

Sea Of Stars - How to Move the Green Blocks

Because the first block you come across will be right outside the chamber in the mines that has the massive chest housing this item, even if you get stuck trying to figure out how to move the green blocks, you should already have access to the Mistral Bracelet. This is because the first block you come across will be right outside the room.

How to Clear Every Green Block Puzzle

To get out of the room, first blow the block blocking the south exit and then the west exit. You should be aware that doing so will provoke a clash with the Salamander, a unique adversary for whom you may need to be ready. Focus on Target Locks as the Salamander charges for Salamanger, and then use Moon or Sun attacks to deal devastating damage.

Sea Of Stars - How to Move the Green Blocks

The block you blew will allow you to return when the battle is over. A crystal resting on a rail can be found by following this route. The crystal must be moved in this order using the Mistral Bracelet: right, down, left, up, and left. This action will make the crystal sink, replaced by a climbable block that leads to the upper level. The Mines Key is hidden in a chest in this area.

Get out into the open air and into the windy room. To reach Berries, first blow the block eastward, creating a space through which you can climb the ladder on the right. Make your way down the stairs and dispose of a few easy foes. A fight with two Drillbats, an Ant Bruiser, and a Bushtroo awaits you in a tunnel to the east after this. It’s best to go into this battle well-prepared, meaning lots of MP.

Sea Of Stars - How to Move the Green Blocks

Use the Bushtroo’s tunnel to make your way back to the elevator room after the combat is over. Continue your progress by making your way up to the next level. To lower a crystal, use the Mistral Bracelet on an uncovered fan. You can raise a block on a track with the help of this crystal. If you move this block, you can gain access to a doorway on the far left.

Continue along a limited pathway while being mindful of Drillbats. Slay a Bushtroo and its buddies inside a fortified room. Get back to the elevator shaft by way of the Bushtroo’s secret lair. Activate another fan to drop a ladder, allowing you to ascend to the upper floor near the campsite and a save location. Climb the stairway near the save point and go back to the room with the first Bushtroo to complete a side quest.

Sea Of Stars - How to Move the Green Blocks

Use the Mines Key to unlock the door at the top of the stairs. Create a sliding track in the room’s central void by working through a block-pushing challenge. Following this path will lead you to a chest containing a Trader’s Signet, which can be used to purchase useful items from a hidden vendor. In the end, you’ll be able to solve the problem by placing two crystals on floor tiles, climbing up the newly-appearing block platform, and using the wind from your Mistral Bracelet on the fan, which will open a door.


Who is Malkomud in Sea of Stars?

The Sea of Stars cast includes Malkomud. He is a Molekin wizard who, along with his pet salamander, Rockie, formed Malkomount and battled at the Wind Tunnels Mine.

Where do you use the mine key in sea of stars?

When the area is clean, proceed through the northeast doorway, up the ladder, and through the door directly in front of you, unlocking it with the Mines Key. The jigsaw in this room consists of two movable emerald blocks, one of which must be positioned so that it may slide over the smaller, patterned block on the left.

What are the flimsy hammers for in Sea of Stars?

The long passageway has four paper-thin walls that may be smashed with a flimsy hammer without harming the weapon itself. A hidden area can be accessed by shattering all four walls.

What is the Sea of Stars explained?

The story of Sea of Stars revolves around two Children of the Solstice who, in order to defeat the hideous creations of an evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer, must combine the forces of the sun and moon to execute Eclipse Magic.