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Just one month left for the SBI PO Exam? Read this article.


The SBI PO examination is one of the most rewarding ways to contribute to India’s banking sector. However, since the number of contenders grows exponentially each year, the competition has gotten more intense. Because of the heightened competition and restricted vacancies, only serious candidates will be able to pass this test. You, too, can pass this test if you use the right technique, method, and study plan. See more details about the SBI exam before delving into the tips and suggestions for this exam preparation.

It becomes more difficult to crack the SBI PO exam because of the multiple stages involved in this exam. Many aspirants are stressed about their selection chances one month before the exam. The ideal method for the last month of preparation is to complete as many SBI PO Mock Tests as possible. However, before taking practise examinations, consider the following suggestions for preparing for the SBI PO exam in one month:

1. Understand the syllabus and make a list of the easy and difficult topics.

This is the most important prerequisite for SBI PO exam preparation and must be taken seriously by all aspirants. Without understanding the syllabus, all attempts to prepare effectively for the exam will be futile. Get a copy of the curriculum and memorise it so you know what topics to cover while studying. Don’t squander the last month by preparing topics that aren’t on the curriculum. Simplify your curriculum by categorising it into topics you know well, topics you need to brush up on, and topics you don’t know anything about. This will give you a better idea of which sections to concentrate on.

2. Make a timetable and follow it religiously.

Instead of attempting to imitate the toppers’ technique, create your own schedule based on your goals, abilities, and shortcomings. Because you only have one month to prepare and revise, start by covering the most crucial areas as soon as feasible. Plan frequent revision sessions and establish deadlines for each subject. Keep a checklist to track your progress. If you use this method, you will be able to cover the entire syllabus in less time.

3. Emphasize conceptual understanding rather than rote learning.

A rote learner will never be able to pass the SBI PO test because many of the questions on the SBI PO exam are application-based, designed to assess your conceptual grasp. Use online study materials and tutorial videos from reputable sources to thoroughly understand the fundamentals. Once you have a firm grasp on a subject, you will be able to recollect it and score well on the exam. Thus, developing the habit of studying with conceptual knowledge would assist you in acing the SBI PO test.

4. Take timed mock tests to hone your time management skills.

Giving timed practise examinations will help you manage your time effectively on exam day. Along with reviewing the material, take at least two mock examinations every day. You will first go over the time restriction, but with practice, you will increase your speed and accuracy while answering the questions. After you’ve completed the sample test, go through your mistakes and improve on them. Solve prior year’s problems as well to get a sense of the kind of questions that will be asked in the test. It will take your preparation to the next level and boost your possibility of being selected.

5. Remove any and all doubts as quickly as feasible.

Don’t leave unanswered questions till the last minute, clear your doubts as soon as feasible to go on in your preparation process. To answer your doubts, you might visit an instructor or rely on reputable web sources. By swiftly resolving doubts, you will be able to absorb more concepts. It will assist you in laying a solid basis for success in the SBI PO test.

6. Go through each topic several times. 

The more you revise the curriculum, the stronger your grip on all topics will be. This will give you a significant advantage over applicants who have revised a few times or have not revised at all. Your confidence will grow as you make consistent and repeated improvements throughout the year. Instead of learning from ten sources and revising them only once, restrict your sources and revise them ten times. If you stick to this revision plan, you will be able to ace the SBI PO test.

7. Strike a balance throughout the exam between speed and accuracy.

In the SBI PO test, you must answer more questions in a shorter amount of time. However, because of the negative grading method, as much guessing as possible must be avoided. Spend no more than 45 seconds on each MCQ question in the Prelims and Mains.

It is critical to practise finding a balance between speed and accuracy while taking the exam. While taking mock tests, pay attention to the pattern of your errors and blunders. On the exam day, begin by answering all of the questions that you find simple and then answer the ambiguous questions. This method will assist you in answering more questions correctly in less time.

8. Give it your all and don’t panic before the exam. 

Be serious and follow through on your study commitments. Knowing is insufficient as you will only be able to pass the SBI PO test if you put in the persistent effort. Distract your attention away from the unpleasant possibilities and take care of your health by getting enough sleep and staying hydrated before the exam. Several worthy applicants fail to do well because they neglect their health in the last days of preparation. Thus, taking care of your physical and mental health is just as vital as studying properly.

Finally, if you follow the advice given above, you should be able to pass the SBI PO test in one month. There are no shortcuts or fast fixes for passing this test. All that is required to pass this exam is constant hard effort throughout the year. The main things to concentrate on throughout the preparation process are conceptual clarity, practice, and time management. To pass the SBI PO test, follow these procedures. Best wishes!