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Last Epoch – How to Get Arena Key


In Last Epoch, the Arena Key is a crucial item that grants access to the Arena, a challenging endgame activity where players face waves of enemies and formidable bosses. Earning Arena Keys is essential for players seeking to test their skills, earn valuable rewards, and climb the ranks of the Arena leaderboard. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various methods and strategies for acquiring Arena Keys to unlock this thrilling endgame content.

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Understanding the Importance of Arena Keys

Arena Keys serve as the gateway to one of Last Epoch’s most exciting and rewarding endgame activities—the Arena. Accessible only through the use of an Arena Key, this mode offers players the opportunity to challenge themselves against waves of enemies of increasing difficulty, culminating in epic boss battles. Arena Keys are essential for players looking to test their builds, earn valuable loot, and compete for top rankings on the Arena leaderboard.

Completing Quests and Achievements

One of the primary methods of obtaining Arena Keys in Last Epoch is by completing quests and achievements. Throughout the game’s campaign and endgame content, players will encounter various quests and challenges that reward them with Arena Keys upon completion. These quests may range from story-related tasks to specific achievements tied to gameplay milestones. By diligently completing quests and achievements, players can accumulate a steady supply of Arena Keys to access the Arena.

Conquering Endgame Content

Participating in endgame content such as Monolith of Fate and Echoes of the Atlas can also yield Arena Keys as rewards. These challenging activities offer players the chance to face powerful enemies, conquer randomized dungeons, and defeat formidable bosses. By successfully navigating these trials and emerging victorious, players can earn Arena Keys along with other valuable rewards. Engaging with endgame content not only provides exciting gameplay experiences but also serves as a reliable source of Arena Keys for players seeking to test their mettle in the Arena.

Defeating Bosses and Enemies

Defeating bosses and enemies throughout Last Epoch’s various game modes can also yield Arena Keys as drops. Bosses encountered in story quests, Monolith of Fate, Echoes of the Atlas, and other endgame content have a chance to drop Arena Keys upon defeat. Additionally, certain enemies encountered in these areas may also drop Arena Keys as rare loot. By challenging themselves against powerful adversaries and emerging victorious, players can increase their chances of obtaining Arena Keys to access the Arena.

Participating in Events and Challenges

Last Epoch frequently hosts events and challenges that offer players unique opportunities to earn Arena Keys. These events may involve completing specific tasks, participating in limited-time challenges, or achieving milestones within a set timeframe. By actively participating in these events and challenges, players can earn Arena Keys as rewards and unlock access to the Arena. Keeping an eye on the game’s event calendar and announcements can help players stay informed about upcoming opportunities to earn Arena Keys.

Trading and Exchanging Resources

In Last Epoch, players have the option to trade and exchange resources with other players through various in-game systems. This includes trading Arena Keys with friends or other players in exchange for other materials, items, or currency. By leveraging player-to-player trading and exchange systems, players can acquire Arena Keys more efficiently and supplement their stockpile through cooperative efforts and community interaction.


Are Arena Keys limited in Last Epoch, or can I farm them indefinitely?

While there may be limits on certain activities that reward Arena Keys, such as daily or weekly caps, players can generally farm them through regular gameplay and participation in endgame content. Completing quests, defeating bosses, and engaging in events are reliable methods for acquiring Arena Keys.

Can I trade Arena Keys with other players?

Yes, Last Epoch allows players to trade and exchange resources, including Arena Keys, with other players through in-game systems. This enables players to supplement their Arena Key supply through cooperative efforts and community interaction.

Do different activities in Last Epoch have varying drop rates for Arena Keys?

Yes, drop rates for Arena Keys may vary depending on the activity and the difficulty level of encounters. Completing challenging content such as high-level Monolith runs or defeating powerful bosses may offer higher drop rates for Arena Keys compared to easier content.

Can I participate in the Arena without an Arena Key?

No, an Arena Key is required to access the Arena in Last Epoch. Players must obtain Arena Keys through various means outlined in the game to unlock entry into this challenging endgame activity.


In conclusion, acquiring Arena Keys in Last Epoch is essential for unlocking access to the Arena, a challenging endgame activity that offers exciting gameplay experiences and valuable rewards. By understanding the various methods and strategies for obtaining Arena Keys, players can effectively manage their resources, optimize their gameplay experience, and maximize their chances of success in the Arena.