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Last Epoch – How to Get Lightless Arbor Key


In the realm of Last Epoch, where time itself is in flux and ancient powers vie for dominance, the Lightless Arbor stands as a beacon of enigma and challenge. Tucked away in the depths of this mystical forest lies a key of great significance: the Lightless Arbor Key. This key is not merely a trinket; it unlocks pathways to hidden treasures and secrets within the game. But acquiring it is no easy task, requiring cunning, perseverance, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the methods and strategies necessary to obtain the elusive Lightless Arbor Key.

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Understanding the Lightless Arbor:

Before delving into the intricacies of obtaining the Lightless Arbor Key, it’s crucial to grasp the essence of the Lightless Arbor itself. This ancient forest is a realm of perpetual twilight, teeming with otherworldly creatures and ancient guardians. Its depths hold secrets that have eluded even the most seasoned adventurers, making it a tantalizing yet perilous destination for players.

The Significance of the Lightless Arbor Key:

What makes the Lightless Arbor Key so coveted? Beyond its ornate design lies the promise of access to hidden chambers, rare loot, and powerful artifacts. In a game where progression is key, obtaining the Lightless Arbor Key opens doors to new possibilities and challenges, making it a prized possession among players.

How to Get Lightless Arbor Key

Enemies that are vanquished drop keys as treasure. Moreover, Monolith Timeline Bosses are a source of farming for players. A difficult endeavor, but one well worth the trouble. In addition, you can test your fighting prowess by taking on waves of opponents in the Arena of Champions. You can farm the keys to the Lightless Arbor Dungeon in the same manner. Any of the aforementioned methods are options.

Modifiers for Arena Champions increase the likelihood of obtaining keys. Although defeating monolith bosses is more difficult, the benefits are still great. To optimize efficiency, though, you should have a greater level of corruption. You can use the Vault of Uncertain Fate once you have enough keys to access the Lightless Arbor Dungeon. Profitable modifications that raise the worth of rewards from the vault are available in the dungeon.

Last Epoch - How to Get Lightless Arbor Key

In no time at all, you’ll be farming even more keys because you may even use the Lightless Arbor Dungeon Keys that you used to gain entry as a reward through modifiers. Recognize that every modification requires gold in return, so be prepared to spend a lot of it. Lightless Arbor is the ideal spot to spend gold if you have a lot of it. After the campaign, dungeons are a crucial activity since they affect the outcome. They are the greatest option for farming different game stuff.

At the moment, Last Epoch has three primary dungeons: Lightless Arbor, Temporal Sanctum, and Soulfire Bastion. Although every dungeon has a unique collection of obstacles and rewards, the fundamental idea remains the same. You overcome unusual obstacles, take down a formidable boss, and receive exceptional prizes. You need a key to enter a dungeon, and that key will be used each time you visit.

The Rewards of Success:

For those who emerge triumphant, the rewards are bountiful. The Lightless Arbor Key unlocks access to hidden chambers brimming with rare loot, unique gear, and artifacts of untold power. Moreover, it serves as a testament to the player’s prowess and perseverance, earning them recognition among their peers.


How do I navigate through the Lightless Arbor to find the key?

Navigation through the Lightless Arbor can be challenging due to its labyrinthine layout and various obstacles. Players are advised to explore thoroughly, paying attention to clues and hints scattered throughout the environment. Additionally, utilizing mapping tools and interacting with NPCs for guidance can be helpful.

What challenges can I expect to face while trying to obtain the Lightless Arbor Key?

Players will encounter numerous obstacles and adversaries within the Lightless Arbor, including powerful monsters, traps, and environmental hazards. Additionally, they may need to solve intricate puzzles and riddles to progress further towards the key.

Do I need a specific character build or level to acquire the Lightless Arbor Key?

While there are no strict requirements in terms of character build or level, players should ensure that their characters are adequately equipped and prepared for combat. Additionally, having certain abilities or skills that enhance exploration and puzzle-solving can be advantageous.

What happens after I obtain the Lightless Arbor Key?

Once the Lightless Arbor Key is acquired, players can use it to unlock hidden chambers scattered throughout the Lightless Arbor. These chambers often contain rare loot, unique gear, and artifacts of great power, rewarding players for their efforts.

Can the Lightless Arbor Key be traded or transferred between characters?

The Lightless Arbor Key is typically bound to the character that obtains it and cannot be traded or transferred to other characters. Each player must individually undertake the journey to acquire the key for themselves.


In the ever-shifting world of Last Epoch, obtaining the Lightless Arbor Key is a feat reserved for the bold and the determined. It represents not only access to untold riches but also the thrill of overcoming formidable challenges and unraveling ancient mysteries. So, gather your courage, sharpen your wits, and embark on this epic journey into the heart of the Lightless Arbor. The key awaits those who dare to seek it.