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LEGO 2k Drive: Trophy and Achievement Guide


Driving and racing games will always be around, but LEGO 2K Drive may be the most unique. After all, nothing beats constructing colorful block constructions and racing them through an open universe while wrecking everything in sight and having fun. The 2K racer has all the LEGO features we anticipate and more side activities, collectibles, and races. This article explains LEGO 2k Drive award and accomplishment guide:

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How Many LEGO 2K trophies and achievements are there?

There are 39 trophies in LEGO 2K Drive for the PlayStation. A Platinum trophy and 22 bronze, 12 silver, and 4 gold trophies are also included. There are 38 trophies for the Xbox 360 that are worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore.

Most LEGO 2K Drive’s trophies and milestones may be unlocked simply by playing through the game’s single-player plot, from accumulating 50 vehicles to demolishing 1,000 objects to winning the Sky Cup Grand Prix.

LEGO 2k Drive: Trophy and Achievement Guide

You’ll need to put in a lot of hours into LEGO 2K Drive to earn the game’s top Platinum trophy. For instance, the Story mode quests in Folk Hero must be finished in full. Spinning 1,080 degrees in the air without using a jetpack is rewarded with a gold trophy/100 GS for its difficulty. Crystal Clear is the most time-consuming trophy/achievement in existence.

Using the lawn mower to clear the planet of all its weed patches will take a long time. The LEGO 2K Drive Platinum award is easy to get if you put in the time and effort, but there are some challenging trophies and milestones to unlock first. The lack of online multiplayer trophies and accomplishments means that unlocking them should be less hassle.

Trophy and Achievement List in LEGO 2k Drive

Playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, LEGO 2K Drive features an expansive open world full of great locations to discover and race through.

LEGO 2k Drive: Trophy and Achievement Guide

Trophy/Achievement Trophy Quality  Description

Tastes Like Platinum

Platinum Earn every trophy in the game
A Charismatic Mentor Bronze Get your first Checkered Flag in the story

Cruising Big Butte County

Bronze Drive around in Big Butte County in Story mode

Cruising Prospecto Valley

Bronze Drive around in Prospecto Valley in Story mode

Cruising Hauntsborough

Bronze Drive around in Hauntsborough in Story mode

New Challengers

Bronze Play 10 races or mini-games in Play With Everyone

3K Drive

Bronze Drive 3000 miles (4828 km)

Hop Upington

Bronze Jump 100 times

Just the Start

Bronze Collect 50 new vehicles

The Pit Crew

Bronze Collect 15 new drivers

Road Hog

Bronze Destroy 200 traffic vehicles

Brick Separator

Bronze Destroy 1000 objects

It Used To Work

Bronze Wreck 100 times

Sidewalk Hog

Bronze Punt 200 pedestrians into the air

Big Butte Champion

Bronze Beat the Big Butte Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode

Prospecto Champion

Bronze Beat the Prospecto Valley Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode

What’s This Button Do?

Bronze Use every type of power-up at least once

Heat Seeker

Bronze Hit opponents with missiles 15 times

Free Banana Smoothies

Bronze Discover all the Garages in the world in Story mode

Read the Manual

Bronze Complete all chapters of the Go-Kart tutorial in the Garage

Honk Means Hello

Bronze Talk to 150 folk

Hauntsborough Champion

Bronze Beat the Hauntsborough Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode

Couldn’t Have Drifted Better Myself

Bronze Drift 5000 meters

Missile Misser

Silver Avoid 50 missiles by jumping over them in races

All Perked Up

Silver Collect 10 Perks


Silver Find all the jetpacks in Big Butte County in Story mode


Silver Find all the rotorpacks in Prospecto Valley in Story mode


Silver Find all the batpacks in Hauntsborough in Story mode

Roadshow Ready

Silver Find all the Collectables in Big Butte County

Township Treasurer

Silver Find all the Collectables in Prospecto Valley

Paranormal Procurer

Silver Find all the Collectables in Hauntsborough

The Golden Ending

Silver Earn a Gold Medal in every On-the-Go event in the world

6K Drive

Silver Drive 6000 miles (9656 km)

You BREAK Stuff!

Silver Destroy 15000 objects


Silver Get to level 30 in Story Mode

Sky Cup Champion

Gold Beat the Sky Cup Grand Prix race in Story mode

Higher Orbit

Gold Spin 1080 degrees in the air without using a jetpack

Crystal Clear

Gold Mow down all weed patches in the world in Story mode

Folk Hero

Gold Complete all quests in the world in Story mode

LEGO 2K Drive’s races won’t eat too much of your time, but progressing through the game to reach its end goal will. The same holds true for the optional activities and collectible exploration required to unlock every trophy and achievement.


What is race difficulty in LEGO 2K Drive?

LEGO 2K Drive’s Race Difficulty Assist automatically adjusts the game’s difficulty based on the player’s skill level, doing away with the need for a manually selected setting. If you don’t want to use Race Difficulty Assist, you can turn it off under Options.

Does LEGO 2K Drive have split screen?

LEGO 2K Drive includes a split-screen mode for playing with a second person. The game’s story mode, Cup Series races, and individual Races can all be played solo or with others.

How do you level up fast in LEGO 2K Drive?

While it may appear tedious at first, quickly progressing through levels only requires returning to previously explored areas. Returning to previously completed races can get you more experience points than taking part in brand new events.