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Final Fantasy XVI: How to Get Ultima Weapon


The Ultima Weapon is one of Clive’s strongest weapons in Final Fantasy 16. As expected for a powerful weapon, it’s hard to reach but worth it. The game’s strongest weapon has 700 attack power and stagger, making it useful for Clive’s tougher opponents. It may be unclear how to obtain the game’s Ultima Weapon. Obtaining Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy Xvi is explained here:

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What level is Ultima in Final Fantasy XVI?

As the game’s last boss, Ultima is expected to be the game’s most formidable foe, with a last Fantasy Mode level somewhere around 99. Starting at level 75, players can attempt to take on Ultima, but doing so will be challenging. Combating Ultima is easier if players enter with a level in the 90s.

How to Get Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy XVI

Since the Ultima weapon can only be crafted in Final Fantasy Mode, you’ll need to beat the game at least once before you can get your hands on it in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy XVI: How to Obtain Ultima Weapon

Choose ‘New Game +’ from the main menu once you’ve beaten the game to access Final Fantasy Mode. You can bring all your equipment and Eikon powers into Final Fantasy Mode, and the difficulty of the adversaries will increase accordingly.

Although it is implied that the Ultima will be useful against these more formidable foes, you won’t have access to it until the very end of the tale. The design for making Ultima is given to you early on in the game, but you won’t have access to the final ingredient until after you’ve defeated Barnabas in ‘The Last King’ mission.

Final Fantasy XVI: How to Obtain Ultima Weapon

It’s getting late, so save the tougher hunts and side missions for last so you may equip Ultima and have an easier time of it. The Ultima weapon plans at Blackthorne’s smithy initially reveal two unidentified materials.

How To Craft The Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy XVI

Unfortunately, both finding the weapon needed to build the Ultima Weapon and getting to the stage of actually crafting it are challenging. Thankfully, the Ragnarok Sword can be gained in the first playthrough just by progressing through the plot. After finishing the game for the first time, it can be upgraded to the even more devastating Gotterdammerung.

Final Fantasy XVI: How to Obtain Ultima Weapon

Players don’t need to worry about not upgrading the first time around because they’ll have to complete Final Fantasy 16 again to produce Ultima and gain another Ragnarok. Ragnarok cannot be obtained before Clive finishes the following four Blacksmith Blues missions in Cid’s Hideaway.

  • Blacksmith Blues I: Gain access to it during Main Quest Level 35, Here Be Monsters.
  • Blacksmith Blues II: The About Blackthorn Letter becomes available once Main Quest 47, Letting Off, has been completed.
  • Blacksmith Blues III: Disabled until Main Quest 59, Like Father, Like Daughter, is completed.
  • Blacksmith Blues IV: Unlocked by completing Quest 62 of the Main Story, “Across the Narrow.”

If he has completed the four optional objectives, Ragnarok and the Gotterdammerung Design Draft will be given to Clive. We’re missing just two things to finish making this weapon. Clive’s inventory will be pre-stocked with The Utterance of Creation whenever a New Game+ save is loaded.

Now you just need the Ultima Weapon Crafting Material, unlocked through regular game play. Once Clive gathers all the necessary components, he can travel to Blackthorn and create one of the game’s finest weapons.


What is the strongest weapon in FF16?

The Ultima Weapon is Final Fantasy 16’s top blade. It’s a shame that the New Game Plus mode is the only place to get it. Its attack and stagger of 700 are far superior to those of any ordinary weapon.

Is Excalibur good in FF16?

Final Fantasy 16’s Excalibur is an epic weapon with a whopping 268 Attack and 268 Stagger, making short work of many enemies in Valisthea.

Is there any Romance in FF16?

Despite the massive confrontations with kaiju-level monsters, there is a romantic undercurrent in Final Fantasy 16.

What is the name of the world in FF16?

The video game Final Fantasy XVI takes place in the made-up continent of Valisthea. Mothercrystals are enormous magical crystals that can be found all over Ash and Storm. They are the primary source of aether energy for the diverse cultures and are the engine that drives civilization through the commercial mining of their fragments.