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Lian Li Just Released Their V3000 PLUS Case


The industry-leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., has released the V3000 PLUS, a full tower that can be configured in three distinct modes. In the default configuration, an EEB motherboard can accommodate up to three 480 mm radiators and sixteen hard drives. In rotated mode, the motherboard tray is flipped upside down and the radiator stays in the same position, but the GPU is installed vertically. In Dual System mode, both the primary and secondary systems can use motherboards of different form factors. The black V3000 PLUS will be joined by a white model in January for a suggested retail price of $499.99.

The V3000 PLUS can accommodate motherboards that use the EEB standard, as well as up to 16x 120 mm fans, a 480 mm radiator on top, front, and side of the PSU shroud, and a 360 mm radiator on top. Radiator brackets that can be removed from the top, the side PSU shroud, and the front of the case allow for quick and secure assembly of the cooling system. In order to install the primary components outside of the case, even the motherboard tray must be taken out.

Mode 2 : Rotated Mode

In the rotational mode, the motherboard tray is mounted so that the rear I/O is situated on the power supply unit shroud. There is a channel that allows ports to pass through to the rear of the case. A tower-like appearance can be achieved by mounting the GPU vertically while still benefiting from the same cooling support available in Standard mode. This option enables a distinctive design for the computer as well as direct ventilation of the graphics processing unit (GPU) from the front panel, which together ensure excellent thermal performance.

Mode 3 : Dual System Mode

When the motherboard tray is raised, the main chamber of the V3000 PLUS can accommodate the installation of two separate computer systems. On the system 1 tray, you can fit up to EEB motherboards, and you can fit a Mini-ITX motherboard on top of the PSU shroud. It is possible to install up to eleven fans measuring 120 millimetres in diameter, two radiators measuring 480 millimetres each (one on top and one in front), and one radiator measuring 280 millimetres or more atop the power supply unit shroud. For compatibility with mounting standards ATX and SFX, the power supply unit mounting bracket on the rear panel can be swapped out for a dual PSU. A vertical GPU can be supported by the same bracket and mounted in the PSU shroud compartment. This configuration allows for direct air intake through the side mesh panel.

Extreme Storage

With support for up to 16 solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disc drives (HDDs), the V3000 PLUS is an excellent choice for storing data. Inside the PSU shroud are two adjustable drive cages that can each accommodate four hard disc drives or solid state drives. There is room for up to four solid-state drives to be installed in the main chamber. You also have the option of removing the mounting brackets and repositioning the PSU shroud drive cages next to the motherboard. In addition, there is additional storage space accessible underneath the motherboard tray in the form of four tool-free SSD mounting trays.

Additional Accessories

Drive modules that can be swapped out quickly can be used to improve the drive cages. There is a maximum of four hot-swap drive modules that can be supported, and each backplate has support for two drives. In Standard mode, a vertical GPU solution can be achieved with the help of a 200 mm riser cable that provides a connection at 90 degrees and 180 degrees. This additional accessory is available. Users are able to mount their second system’s GPU in the PSU shroud compartment of the dual system mode by using an additional 240 mm riser cable that has a connection that is 90 degrees on each side. This accessory is part of the dual system mode.

Beginning on November 18th, 2022, customers will be able to place pre-orders for the V3000 PLUS. Beginning in January 2023, consumers will be able to purchase the V3000 PLUS in white.