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Lies Of P – Hermits Cave Location


One of the many mysteries that the city of Krat conceals in Lies of P is Hermit’s Cave, an optional area that can only be reached by finding a rare item later in the game. Obtaining this item is difficult; you’ll have to find other objects around the city and speak with many NPCs. It can be much easier said than done for Geppetto’s creation to go below to another location crowded with anxious puppeteers. This article will describe the location of the hermit’s cave in the lies of P:

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Hermits Cave Location

To access the Hermit’s Cave, proceed to the Stargazer on the Barren Swamp Bridge. There’s a gate there, and an NPC is standing next to it. Rookie Explorer Hugo is this NPC, and he promises to let you over the fence eventually. But first, there are a few things you have to finish:

  • Hugo will provide you with a Cryptic Vessel to figure out. Take it back to Venigni in Hotel Krat to do this.
  • Follow the narrative as usual until you get to the Collapsed Street.
  • Go beyond the fire-spitting puppet on the side, and you’ll come across a chest containing a Special Krat Supply Box.

Lies Of P - Hermits Cave Location

  • Give the box to Polendina as you head back to Hotel Krat.
  • Take the Rustic Cryptic Vessel to Venigni after purchasing it.
  • Return to the Stargazer at the Barren Swamp Bridge; the gate is open.

You can now explore the Hermit’s Cave, past the gate.

How to Get into the Hermit’s Cave

Once you cross the Barren Swamp Bridge, you may have noticed a gate next to Rookie Explorer Hugo, an NPC. If you talk to him long enough, he will ultimately claim that if you visit him frequently enough, he will open the gate for you. It’s not quite that easy, of course.

  • Hugo, the Rookie Explorer, must speak with you before giving you the Cryptic Vessel.

Lies Of P - Hermits Cave Location

  • Return to Hotel Krat with this item and deliver it to Venigni.
  • Follow the main route until you come to the Collapsed Street building’s roof.
  • Go to the side where a puppet erupts from the ground below.
  • You can collect the Special Krat Supply Box beyond this puppet.
  • Return to Hotel Krat with this Supply Box and give it to Polendina.

Lies Of P - Hermits Cave Location

  • Now that Polendina is selling the Rusty Cryptic Vessel, you ought to buy it and deliver it to Venigni so that he can discover its uses.
  • When you return to the Barren Swamp Bridge, the gate will be open and the way to the Hermit’s Cave will be unobstructed.

Although the game Lies of P is not complicated, there is one hidden place to find.

How to Open The Hermit’s Cave Gate

Once at the Swamp Bridge Stargazer, have a conversation with Rookie Explorer Hugo. He’s a figure standing near the rapid travel location. If you stop and talk to the NPC often, using up all of their chat space in exchange for the Cryptic Vessel, he promises to unlock the nearby gate to Hermit’s Cave.

However, you can’t rely on Hugo to follow through on this in Lies of P, so you should return the Vessel to Venigni at Hotel Krat. The next thing you’ll need is the Special Krat Supply Box, which is an essential part in growing the stores back at Hotel Krat. You may remember this place from your confrontation with the Mad Clown optional monster in Lies of P. Killing a fire-spewing puppet on the side of Collapsed Street will get you access to this rare item.

Lies Of P - Hermits Cave Location

Accessing the Supply Box, which is situated within a suitcase on several uneven platforms along the Street, can prove to be difficult. Once you have the Supply Box, give it back to Polendina at Hotel Krat so they may expand their shop and show you the Rusty Cryptic Vessel, which is now for sale.

Defeat as many enemies as necessary to obtain enough Ergo to purchase this equipment, then deliver it to Venigni. Return to the Swamp Bridge Stargazer from here to find the Hermit Cave gate open, revealing a new region below. Those that locate the Hermit’s Cave hidden area in Lies of P will have the opportunity to gain new items, encounter different enemies, and learn more about Krat’s dire circumstances while Pinocchio keeps searching for answers.


What is the secret room in the Lies of P?

The Hermit’s Cave is a secret spot in Lies of P that may be unlocked, although getting the key to access this uncommon and hidden place can be challenging. In Lies of P, the city of Krat hides a lot of mysteries, one of which being Hermit’s Cave, an optional region that can only be accessed by obtaining a rare item later in the game.

What is the true ending in Lies of P?

The actual conclusion of the game is probably the “Rise of P” ending. It’s the ideal result as well. Players must make two crucial decisions and complete the game with a high degree of humanity in order to accomplish it. Pinocchio has various opportunities to develop his humanity throughout the game, nearly making the transition from puppet to human.

Who is the main character in the Lies of P game?

The main character and player in Lies of P is Pinocchio, sometimes referred to as P. He is a puppet that is unaffected by the craze and is Geppetto’s substitute offspring. Throughout Lies of P, he makes decisions that either make him a real boy or keep him as a puppet.

How many endings are there in the Lies of P?

The three alternative endings for Lies of P that you can acquire in the game are detailed and accompanied by instructions on how to get there.

Who is the main villain in the Lies of P?

Simon Manus, an alchemist who has the makings of a Resident Evil villain and who utilizes Ergo and the Petrification sickness to further humanity’s growth, is the primary antagonist and “final boss” of Lies of P.