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Dead Island 2 – How to Find Dr. Reed’s Lab


In Dead Island 2, an open-world action role-playing game, players battle hordes of zombies as they pursue objectives across the streets of Los Angeles. The quest “The Search for the Truth” in Dead Island 2, which players must finish to advance in the game, greatly impacts the game’s primary plot and resolution. During the “Search for Truth” mission in the latter stages of Dead Island 2, players must navigate Ocean Avenue while battling legions of zombies and a boss fight. By reading this article, you will discover where Dr. Reed’s lab is located in Dead Island 2:

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Dr. Reed’s Lab Location

When, toward the end of Dead Island 2, I was only given a picture from a security camera to locate Dr. Reed’s lab, I was perplexed, just like many other gamers. Players can rapidly triangulate the likely location of the camera footage by exploring the surrounding surroundings and looking for security cameras. Below is a map showing the precise location of Dr. Reed’s lab entrance.

Dead Island 2 - How to Find Dr. Reed’s Lab

The dialogue between the two characters will verify that you are headed in the correct direction as you approach this objective spot. The metal sheet barrier will open shortly after players arrive, and they will have to fight their way through a horde of undead.

Considering that Dead Island 2’s story mode is almost over with The Search for Truth, players should make sure they have enough weapons and equipment to get through a number of challenging encounters.

How to Go to Dr. Reed’s Lab

It is revealed in the sKOpe tape that Dr. Reed was collaborating with Noah, another immune survivor. Players will proceed to Dr. Reed’s lab on Ocean Avenue after Noah was brought there. They are given a picture from a security camera to help them locate the lab.

Dead Island 2 - How to Find Dr. Reed’s Lab

Go down the stairs on the right after leaving the OSK store on the left. Straight ahead will be a police car and an ambulance. After passing the explosive containers and following the buildings around, players must turn left. Next, proceed in the direction of the yellow trashcan and black vehicle, where the road begins to slope. When players spot a white vehicle and get in touch with Tisha, they will know they are in the correct location.

Dead Island 2 - How to Find Dr. Reed’s Lab

When Tisha opens the door to Bay 7, a Screamer and some Hazmat Zombies are released. Players can’t explore the lab until they’ve killed every one of them first. Players can then enter the service entry and search for the lab entrance after no more zombies exist.

A triple maglock-locked door is located behind the service entry. All of the electrical boxes that are connected to the lock must be broken by players. The first power box is on the wall adjacent to the office, next to the garage door. The second one is inside the office, next to the door on the wall.

Dead Island 2 - How to Find Dr. Reed’s Lab

The last power box is located behind two breakable boxes by the tiny balcony. For the last few chapters of Search for Truth in Dead Island 2, players can enter Dr. Reed’s lab by going through the door once all three power sources have been destroyed.


What did Dr Reed do Dead Island 2?

The major plot of Dead Island 2 discloses that Tisha’s mother gave her a Numen blood injection while she was still a baby, meaning that her blood holds the key to both treating the Autophage and maybe rescuing humanity.

Are there human enemies in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 made the crucial decision to forgo human adversaries in its plot, leaving the player to battle a variety of deadly infected opponents only in the base game.

Is it day or night in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 does not have automatically alternating day and night cycles, though you can manipulate the time of day somewhat with Fast Travel.

What virus is in Dead Island 2?

The endemic disease Kuru’s stronger, faster-acting form, pathogen HK, is the biological culprit causing the zombie outbreak on Banoi Island. Following the discovery of Stage 2 HIV and Stage 2 Kuru strains within the virus, members of the Consortium gave the virus the moniker Pathogen HK.

Does Emma survive Dead Island 2?

The military quickly shot down the plane, and Ronnie Redford, Emma, and Michael all survived the collision before meeting the slayers.