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Lies Of P: Level Up Stat Soft Cap explained


As you progress through Lies of P, you’ll need to wisely invest your Ergo in order to level up and scale with the opponents you encounter, making short work of them. However, if you have leveled up significantly, you may be hitting the soft cap. It’s possible that you’ve been struck by a painful ailment known as a Soft Cap, and we’re here to assist you determine if this is the case. Learn all about the Level Up Stat Soft Cap and how it works in this post!

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What Are Soft Caps In Lies of P?

After passing certain thresholds for each of the six statistics that make up Lies of P Soft Caps, the overall amount of stat ability increase is slowed compared to the rate at which it would have occurred at a lower stat level initially. It is possible to level up to a specific capability in each of the six available statistics, which include Vitality, Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Technique, and Advance, and points can be assigned to each.

Lies Of P: Level Up Stat Soft Cap explained

In the game Lies of P, players will be prevented from maxing out and investing too much into a single stat by using soft caps. This is because doing so can render the character extremely unbalanced.

What are the soft stat caps in Lies of P?

When you reach a specific level, your stat gain slows down compared to what it would be if it were unlimited. While uncapped leveling may grant you six or seven points in a given stat, soft capped leveling grants just one to three. In Lies of P, the maximums for all but Vitality are the same.

Lies Of P: Level Up Stat Soft Cap explained

Once you reach level 60, you will no longer observe improvements to your statistics. However, most stats reach their maximum potential between levels 30 and 40; by shifting your focus after that, you can ensure that your character is well-rounded.

Every Stat Attribute Explained


Vitality is the line of stats that improves a P’s health and Guard Regain. A player’s total health increases in proportion to the number of points in their Vitality bar. It’s worth noting that this has nothing to do with actual defense but rather with the total number of hitpoints. In addition, players can use powerful amulets to boost their Vitality. When a player raises their Vitality, their Health, Guard Regain, and Physical Attack, Fire Attack, Electric Blitz, and Acid Defense all increase by a certain amount.


P will gain more Stamina from the Vigor stat line, allowing them to run faster for longer and make more attacks and avoidance maneuvers with their weapons. If a player’s stamina bar is low, they will need to “rest” more frequently before engaging in high-intensity activities like dodging, swinging weapons, or sprinting. Strength is increased along with the attributes Fire Blitz, Electric Blitz, and Acid Defense when Vigor is boosted.


P’s carrying capacity and Legion Capacity for his Legion Weapon are both affected by his Capacity stat line. A player’s dodge roll and mobility will suffer if they are wearing too much gear. To counteract this, players can invest points into Capacity to carry more protective gear and larger weapons. Capacity increases include the addition of Weight Capacity, Legion Capacity, and Defense against Physical Attack, Fire Attack, Electric Blitz, and Acid Attack.


The Motivity stat line impacts how much physical damage players do and provides the Motivity boost to weapons that use the characteristic for scaling. Legion Arms’ base physical damage is likewise scaled with this stat. Players can increase their Physical Damage, Fire Damage, Electric Blitz Damage, and Acid Defense by raising their Motivity.


The Technique stat line modifies P’s base physical damage, and weapons that scale with Technique, such as Legion Arms, receive an additional benefit from the Technique stat. The Technique Damage Bonuses, base Physical Damage, and base Physical, Fire, Elec Blitz, and Acid Defense are all increased along with the player’s Technique.


The Advance stat line influences numerous statistics. The elemental damage bonus of Advance weapons and the Legion Arms elemental bonus will both be improved. It has an effect on Legion Power as well. When a player raises their Advance, they also raise their Elemental Damage, as well as their defenses against fire, electricity, acid, shock, disruption, and break.


How do you upgrade stats in Lies of P?

Spending Ergo at Stargazers will grant you a level in Lies of P. However, after beating the Parade Master and arriving at Hotel Krat, you will only be able to level up by speaking with Sophia.

What is the level cap in Lies of P?

This is why many players claim that level 60 is the “soft cap” in Lies of P. Attempting to level beyond 60 in a certain location will yield a meager benefit in comparison to leveling up in another area.

What are the attributes in Lies of P?

The foundation of your character is comprised of the Lies of P stats you choose to level each time, whether it be Vitality, Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Technique, or Advance.

Are there boss weapons in Lies of P?

There is a large selection of weapons to choose from in Lies of P, including powerful and rare boss weapons.