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Starfield: Habs Explained


Habs are customized interiors in Starfield that players can use for a variety of purposes, including living quarters, increased storage space, item creation, and more. Starfield’s shipbuilding system is complex, multifaceted, and utterly bewildering. The Habitat class of ship modules (or “Habs” for short) is one of the most complicated parts. Learn all there is to know about hab in Starfield by reading this article!

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What are Habs in Starfield?

Habitats, or Habs, are specialized rooms that may be expanded to accommodate essential modules like laboratories and workshops that are used to discover, create, and improve new goods in Starfield. They may improve your ship’s capacity for crew and cargo but do not affect its combat or flight capabilities.

Starfield: Hab Explained

You can design a ship with many Habs to ensure you have everything you need, or you can replace your ship’s current Hab with a new one. There are many shops in Starfield where you may buy Habs. Upgrades to your ship, however, may only be made through the Ship Build menu.


The Workshop adds a large host of crafting stations—nearly every one in the game, in fact, except the Pharmaceutical Station and a Cooking Station. Place it as close to your airlock as feasible; it will serve as a one-stop shop for most of your crafting needs, and you will appreciate the convenience.


Despite the Infirmary’s high-tech design and the presence of a doctor on your crew, you still cannot use its medical services. This seems like a major omission on Bethesda’s part. The Pharmaceutical Station and the Research Laboratory are included so you can play doctor anyway.

Science Lab

A similar Pharmaceutical Station and Research Lab can be found in the Science Lab. Both it and the Infirmary have the same functional advantages, thus picking one over the other depends on personal preference and the theme you want to establish aboard your ship.

Living Quarters

Contrary to popular belief, increasing your ship’s Living Quarters won’t allow you to carry more people on board. Instead, you should focus on the Reactor, Cockpit, and Weapon modules. The Living Quarters augment your ship’s capacity for passengers, which is useful for radiant transfer missions and other objectives that require you to move a player character from one location to another (such as Juno’s Gambit). When there isn’t enough room to move about, things can turn unpleasant fast.

All-in-One Berth

The All-in-One Berth is the only kind of Hab that allows you to bring a Cooking Station with you into space. It has a bunk bed, a small recreation area, and a kitchenette, as its name suggests; why there isn’t a full galley kitchen module is beyond me, but until one is included in downloadable content, this is your best bet.

All Hab manufacturers and their locations

All the Starfield Hab factories and their locations are listed below.

  • Deimos Habs: Deimos Staryard, Deimos, Sol star system
  • HopeTech Habs: Hopetown, Polvo, Valo star system
  • Nova Galactic Habs: New Homestead, Titan, Sol star system
  • Stroud Eklund Habs: Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii star system
  • Taiyo Astroneering Habs: Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii star system


What is the all-in-one hab in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can stay in the Deimos All-In-One Berth 2×1. It’s a component of ships that used to house the crew. The Deimos Corporation makes it, although that doesn’t affect how it plays. This component has a wide variety of possible setups.

What are habitation modules Starfield?

Most designs revolve around a central habitat module that can serve as a master suite, crew quarters, companionway, storehouse, armory, workshop, or any number of other functions. At least one hab should be on board.

What is the max level in Starfield?

The maximum level you can reach in Starfield is limitless because of the game’s uncapped leveling mechanism. There is no upper bound! Reach for the Stars is awarded since attaining 100 is a significant accomplishment in and of itself.

How many main missions are there in Starfield?

As far as we can make out, there are 19 main objectives in Starfield. These can be finished in 30–40 hours if you only play the main story, but as everyone knows, the real fun of a Bethesda game happens when you venture off the beaten path.