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Like a Dragon Gaiden – All Golden Balls Location


The new method for obtaining different side missions in Like A Dragon Gaiden is through the Akame Network. These quests can be short and easy or longer and are referred to as Requests. Gotta Catch’em Balls is a new request that you will be able to access at some point in Chapter 3. The game contains seven Gold Balls in total. Even though these might not seem like much at first, once you’ve found them all, they can actually provide you with a nice reward. This article will outline the locations of all the golden balls in a dragon-like manner:

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Gold Ball #1 – Akame’s Hideout

Getting the first Gold Ball in Like A Dragon Gaiden is not too difficult. Sadly, though, it will probably empty your bank account. For 777 Akame Points, one can purchase the initial Gold Ball from Akame’s Shop.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - All Golden Balls Location

You will have to pay 15,000 to unlock Akame’s Shop if it isn’t already. After that, you will have to make two investments, which will come to ¥80,000 and ¥150,000, respectively. You can buy the Gold Ball from her inventory after you’ve upgraded the shop twice.

Gold Ball #2 – Ebisu Pawnshop

The Ebisu Pawnshop, depicted in the above map image, is where you can find the first Gold Ball. The store is located in Sotenbori’s southern area. You can pay the vendor 77,777 Yen to acquire the item when you get here.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - All Golden Balls Location

Gold Ball #3 – Shofukucho Street

You must accept the Stroll n’ Patrol mission “Solve the Mysterious Note” from the young man seated on a bench on the north side of the Sotenbori Footpath in order to get the Shofukucho store sign Gold Ball.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - All Golden Balls Location

The man will inform you that you need to find four turtle pillars to get to the Gold Ball after you speak with him. The location of these turtle pillars is close to W Shofukucho Street. Opposite them, perched atop a store sign, is the Gold Ball.

Gold Ball #4 – Sotenbori River Boat

You should go to the river in the center of Sotenbori for this Gold Ball. If you don’t visit during the day, you won’t be able to locate the Gold Ball. Go to the top of either the Bishamon Bridge or the Iwao Bridge, and watch for the yellow boat to pass beneath it. There will occasionally be a man on the bow, and you can take the Gold Ball from him by using the Spider device.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - All Golden Balls Location

Gold Ball #5 – Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar

The Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar is located on the map in the lower-left corner. Enter and speak with the staff to find out how to accumulate pool points in the bar’s gift shop. A Gold Ball is one of the products; it costs 777 pool points. To obtain the necessary funds to purchase the Gold Ball, all you need to do is play pool.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - All Golden Balls Location

Gold Ball #6 – Fighter’s Lounge Entrance

The Fighter’s Lounge at the Coliseum is only accessible to those who have attained Silver Rank. After completing this, proceed to the entrance, where a flight of stairs leads to the lower level. There’s going to be a huge statue right here. There’s a bright blue area in between his legs where you can use the Spider device to get the final Gold Ball.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - All Golden Balls Location

Gold Ball #7 – Castle Central Street

After arriving at the castle, turn left onto Castle Central Street in the direction of the casino. You can peer into a small area with mask-wearing dancers on a conveyor belt in this corner. You’ll eventually get a prompt to use the Spider device to catch a Gold Ball when the man wearing a mask and blue swimsuit passes by.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - All Golden Balls Location


Is like a dragon gaiden a full game?

It was suggested that the project start off as downloadable content and then develop into a full-fledged game. The game took six months to complete, and it was developed alongside Like a Dragon: Ishin! and Infinite Wealth.

Is like a dragon gaiden a spin off?

As Serious As A Dragon The latest entry in the cherished Yakuza series is Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. In this spin-off, players assume the role of Kazuma Kiryu, the longtime protagonist of the series, who was replaced in Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon by Ichiban Kasuga, a newcomer.

Can you play as Majima in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

Then, it’s a blast to battle alongside Majima and a few other legendary characters from the Yakuza series. Additionally, if you purchase the DLC (or received it as part of the game’s pre-order), you can take on the role of Majima in the colosseum.

Is Like a Dragon Gaiden connected to Yakuza?

These shorter episodes are effective, as demonstrated by Like a Dragon Gaiden, and there are many Yakuza stories that we could retell in a similar fashion. Gaiden completely overlaps with the events of Yakuza 7, taking place between the conclusion of Yakuza 6 and the start of Yakuza 8: Infinite Wealth.

What should I play before Like a Dragon Gaiden?

While it’s not required, I would strongly advise it. Like a Dragon Gaiden attempts to bring new players up to speed through exposition and flashbacks, but if you haven’t played Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, you’ll be missing out on a lot of content.