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Sea Of Stars – Where to Find a Gilded Invitation


You’ll notice a restaurant has opened in the northwest corner of the vibrant city of Brisk when it is restored as a port town. The pretentious waiter, Gaspar, won’t let you in unless you have an invitation, though. The Golden Pelican is one of the hidden locations that you won’t be able to access straight away. It takes an invitation to enter this premium restaurant, and obtaining one is not simple. You can learn where to look for a golden invitation amid the sea of stars by reading this article:

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Where to Find a Gilded Invitation

You must locate all 60 Rainbow Conches and fight the lieutenant of the Fleshmancer in order to obtain the Hook of Time, which will grant you a Gilded Invitation for the Golden Pelican in Sea of Stars. To access a dungeon, take the Hook of Time to the island south of Wraith Island and fish. The head chef of the Golden Pelican will then present you with the Gilded Invitation.

In order to dine at the Golden Pelican and get past the arrogant Gaspar, there are a few steps you must take in order to obtain the game’s actual ending. These include defeating the lieutenant of the Fleshmancer and discovering all 60 Rainbow Conches—yes, really. After completing these two prerequisites, you will explore the Moorlands’ ruins and obtain an item known as the Hook of Time.

Sea Of Stars - Where to Find a Gilded Invitation

Navigate to the island south of Wraith Island with the ‘???’ fishing hole using the Hook of Time. There are no fish here, as you will notice. Rather, you have to fish while holding the Hook of Time in order to reach the top of a submerged ruin. When you reel it in, you’ll see a brief dungeon to explore. The dungeon consists of a few easy-to-kill creatures and one straightforward puzzle: to get to the last room, you need to retrieve a key from a pond of fish.

At first, you might assume you have to fish for the key because it floats around in the water. Rather, jump into the water and retrieve the key just like you would any other object. This will bring you up against the chief chef of the Golden Pelican, whom you will need to fish out of a big pond. You’ll be rewarded with an invitation to his restaurant from him.

How to Get Gilded Invitation

You must locate 60 Rainbow Conches among the many areas before you can start. To obtain the Hook of Time, you must also locate and vanquish the lieutenant boss of the Fleshmancer along the route. After defeating the boss, you will find the Hook of Time in the Moorlands’ ruins. After obtaining the hook, head to an island south of Wraith Island. This is a peculiar fishing place.

Sea Of Stars - Where to Find a Gilded Invitation

When you approach it, three question marks will show up. Now use the Hook of Time to go fishing. This will reveal a ruin, through which you can enter a dungeon. Enter the dungeon and work through the puzzles within. You must retrieve the key from the fish swimming around to go into the last room and face the last boss.

It’s simple to get the key because all you have to do is jump into the water and grab it. To access the last room, use the key to unlock the door. Now it’s your turn to face the chief chef at Golden Pelican. Win over him to receive the invitation. You can now return to the Golden Pelican and give Gaspar the invitation.


What is the true ending Sea of Stars?

The Solstice warriors will find a means to travel back in time and save Garl’s life during a cutscene with the assistance of Resh’an and B’st. Garl will now join your group, which is necessary to finish the game’s actual conclusion.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapons in the game for Valere and Zale, respectively, are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, and they can provide a significant advantage over the last boss. All of the playable characters in the game have access to a variety of weaponry.

How do you revive Garl in Sea of Stars?

It’s shown that you can actually bring Garl back to life after the credits, as I’m sure you are aware. You must collect all 60 Rainbow Conches and kill a few end-game bosses in order to achieve this.

How do you make a cypher in Sea of Stars?

Players must first locate four Data Strips in order to create Cypher. It can be difficult to discover these Data Strips because they are dispersed throughout the Sea of Stars. Users are free to look for them in any order they choose because it doesn’t matter what order they are acquired in.

What is max level in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, level 30 is the maximum level cap. Although this cap might seem a little low in comparison to some other games in the genre, the process will take longer because players will need to gain a lot of experience in between levels.