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Persona 5 Tactics – Fusion Guide


How Fusion functions in Persona 5, Tactica differs slightly from Persona 5. The Personas you fuse are primarily used for their support abilities and to boost the stats of the rest of your units, even though you will still have access to Lavenza and the Velvet Room. The game begins to stray from genre norms at persona fusion. Fusing your hard-earned Personas may seem complicated, but it’s quite simple. This article will teach you about the fusion guide in Persona 5 tactics.

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Normal Fusion

The first feature you will be able to access in the Velvet Room is Normal Fusion. This is where you can combine any two Personas to make a third. From the two Personas you are fusing to transfer over, you can only select one skill.

Persona 5 Tactics - Fusion Guide

Special Fusion

When you get to Kingdom 2, Special Fusion will unlock, giving you access to Personas with extremely potent Unique Abilities. But in order to obtain these Personas, you must fuse three or more other Personas. Because their recipes are what make them difficult to obtain, be sure you are fusing all unregistered Personas as you go.

Persona 5 Tactics - Fusion Guide

Forge New Weapons

You will have the opportunity to fuse two Personas to create new weapons much later in the story. Compared to the weapons you will buy at the shop in the Prep menu, these ranged weapons are far more potent. These weapons will not only have a higher damage stat but also more status effects, such as Burn, Freeze, and Sweep.

Persona 5 Tactics - Fusion Guide

Disassemble Weapons

In Persona 5 Tactica, you can also disassemble your ranged weapons in the Velvet Room. It’s one of the greatest ways to earn money back in the game, and you can disassemble weapons to get money whether they were bought or forged.

Persona 5 Tactics - Fusion Guide

How Persona Fusion Works

The sheer variety of fusion options and types available in Persona, particularly as you progress through the game and level up the Twin Wardens and Prison Master confidants, is one area of confusion. What they all do is this:

Persona 5 Tactics - Fusion Guide

  • Normal Fusion (dyad guillotine): Persona fusion in its most basic form. You select two Personas, and the outcome is displayed. Ideal for eliminating some low-level Personas without worrying too much about the outcome.
  • Advanced Fusion (group guillotine): Three or more Personas are used in the group guillotine to produce a single outcome. You won’t use this often because its main purpose is to create strong, level-headed Personas with advanced fusion.
  • Fuse by Result (guillotine search): With the ability to sort Personas by level, the most practical option, guillotine search, displays every Persona that can be created using the Personas that you currently have equipped. When your inventory starts filling up with Personas, you should use this option to make room for new, useful Personas while also ensuring you’re getting some space cleared out.
  • Network Fusion (public execution): You can send one Persona per day into the ether to fuse with a randomly chosen Persona from another player using this late-game option. Although it’s risky, it might lead to strong fusions. Try it late in the game; it’s not always helpful, but it can be entertaining.

How to Get More Personas in Persona 5 Tactica?

Although Fusion is the most effective method for obtaining the Persona you desire, the game provides an additional means of obtaining more. You will be able to acquire Personas, which are given out at random for finishing the mission, as you finish side quests and main missions.

Persona 5 Tactics - Fusion Guide

If you already have that Persona with you, some Experience Points will be awarded to the current Persona rather than the Persona itself. Fortunately, if you have a unit in your party with a person with Keen Eye (like Neko Shogun), you can raise the likelihood that a rare one will drop. Personas that you acquire or fuse automatically become part of the compendium; therefore, you will need to pay money to bring them back.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Alarms Explained

Fusion Alarms are unique to Persona 5 Royal. Fusion Alarms will initiate when you locate the path in the Palace dungeon (we won’t reveal anything here). A few things happen if you use the guillotine while a Fusion Alarm is sounding. First, an extra stat boost is applied to your Persona. Furthermore, when a Fusion Alarm occurs, Treasure Demons are treated as five levels higher, enabling you to fuse them with more powerful Personas.

However, fusing during a Fusion Alarm carries some risk. Accidents can happen where your Persona ends up with a mutated skill or none at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as the altered skill might be superior. You should fuse twice if you want to cause an accident.


How do you fuse the best Persona 5?

When merging personas, it’s a good idea to try to transfer as many elemental attacks as you can. Not every weakness can be covered by your allies alone, and you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a hard fight without a persona equipped with the right attack to take advantage of an enemy’s weakness.

Which Personas should I fuse first?

It’s acceptable to begin fusing new Personas at the highest level you can achieve and work your way down the list from there. Some you will inevitably miss, but that’s okay because you’ll probably run into them later in the fight.

What is the strongest Persona to fuse?

At the very end of the game, you are given Satanael, the protagonist’s ultimate persona. Only in NG+ can you fuse him yourself. It’s difficult to do this because you have to fuse several high-level personas and be at least level 95.

Who is the strongest physical Persona in Persona 5?

Without a doubt, Yoshitsune is the best Strikers physical persona. He also has no weaknesses at all, is strong against Lightning and Bless attacks, and is strong against the element of Fire.

Who is the canon girlfriend in Persona 5?

No canonical romance exists. You can choose who you want to date, or if you don’t mind getting beaten up by your girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, you can date more than one person at once.

What happens if you romance everyone in Persona 5?

On February 15, there will be a bonus scene where the girls you are dating catch you cheating on them. They will beat the living daylights out of you, and just to cheer you up, Sojiro will give you an extra chocolate.