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Making Investments or Starting A Business: What to Do on A Limited Budget?



If you are reading this article, then you are most likely looking for a great opportunity to build your wealth. The often-asked question of which is better- investing or business has for long been a contentious issue for many looking to find a better place for their money.

Changes over the past decade promoting entrepreneurship along with stock market rallies have complicated the decision-making process.

In this article, we look at both these areas and ask financial experts about where should people put their money into. If you or someone you know is second-guessing on this issue, maybe this article can help them come to a judgment.

Should you park your Money into Investments in 2021?

The gloom and doom of the pandemic meant that investors have already lost terribly on stocks. Add to this a virtually stagnant gold and a fall in commodities like oil and you are already looking at moving away from investments. For more information you can visit this site

However, not all is lost on the investment front. If you are on a limited budget and looking for growth along with stability, you can look at investing in cryptocurrencies in 2021.

Yes, you read that right. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been able to shed their negative tag and have emerged as one of the best areas for investors. With an almost 10x rise in valuation, it has made millions, if not billions for investors of all sizes.

This simply means that while some areas of investment continue to be dicey propositions, others have emerged to take their place. Hence still is a meaningful and positive area, which you can consider in 2021.

Is Starting a New Business as good as it was some years ago?

With businesses shutting shop left, right, and centre and stimulus checks becoming mainstays, most might wonder that the answer to the above question is self-explanatory.

However, like all things, if you scrape the surface, you will see that there is more than meets the eye. While there are some businesses, that have definitely suffered, others have sustained and grown.

Tech adoption in businesses is something that financial analysts point towards in the pandemic period. They say that the companies that had been able to have a presence on digital platforms survived and engaged consumers with help from technology.

Analysts also point out that digital is where most businesses shined. Areas like Content Writing, Blog Publishing, Social Media Marketing, etc., saw a real bump in demand. Experts predict that the pandemic will see a recovery in businesses in the second half of 2021, once vaccine rollouts are nearly complete.

Investment or Entrepreneurship: Which is Better?

The answer to this question really lies in what you feel you would be able to excel at. If you do not have an interest in investing, even the best and soundest investments will not make sense to you.

On the other hand, if you are a professional, who is satisfied with a job, income, and growth, you would not want to leave that and plunge into entrepreneurship.

Hence, at the end of the day, interest, effort, and prior skill might be the deciding factor rather than the overall economic outlook. Even the worst crisis has led to the birth of many great companies and investment opportunities.

Both areas can offer lucrative dividends if done right. A lot of investors I know are great entrepreneurs, while a lot of business owners make for solid investors!

The Final Word

If you are feeling ambitious and would want to try both out at the same time, you can. This will allow you to open up multiple income-earning fronts, as well as divide the risks equitably between a business and an investment. Weighing the pros and cons of both investing and starting a new business should guide your decision-making at all levels.

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