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Minecraft Legends – How to Change Mount


With its audacious launch, Minecraft Legends provides users with a mount. Each of the four horses currently available in the game has a unique benefit. You will want to alternate between them because each has unique skills that help them stand out and improve in a particular circumstance. As many seasoned players know, a horse mount is one of the biggest enhancements for a player’s exploring excursions in Minecraft. You may learn how to switch your mount in Minecraft Legends by reading this article:

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How to Change Mount

The ability to switch mounts is two-fold. When you come across one in the wild, you can swap it out for another, or if you don’t want to deal with that, search for one in the village. The latter is a simple way after all of them are unlocked.

By Going to any adjacent village.

Minecraft Legends - How to Change Mount

A mount will be waiting for you at a settlement in the game if it has been unlocked (by riding it once). Any village will do; just locate the closest one and go there. You can leap off onto the next one by pressing the swap button once you’re close enough. You can adjust this step at any time in the future.

By Finding one in the wild

Finding one in the wild can be a useful way to swap if you are in the biome where they appear. If it isn’t, you must apply Method 1. The Big Beak is in Jagged Peaks, while the Brilliant Beetle and the Regal Tiger are in the Jungle. You don’t have to go to a village to find a new mount if you’re close to these.

Minecraft Legends - How to Change Mount

You start off in Minecraft Legends with the Horse, therefore it’s difficult to find one in the wild. Upon reaching a fresh mount in its native environment, utilize the identical controls to transition to the new mount. Horses can run at a high speed for an extended period of time. Although they are not as swift as other mounts, birds are the only ones that can fly. Although they can’t move very quickly, beetles can climb objects. The Tigers are excellent in killing Piglins and are by far the fastest mount in the game.

How to Get Off the Horse

Unfortunately, you can’t get off the horse if you wanted to attempt and play the game more like the original Minecraft or perhaps as a self-imposed challenge run. The creators took a risk when they decided to make the Mounts system the main gameplay element, and they genuinely wanted players to become familiar with it.

Minecraft Legends - How to Change Mount

Even though nothing in the universe is created at random, searching for what you’re looking for might still feel overwhelming. The purpose of the horses is to aid players; the developers intended them to enjoy themselves while exploring every nook and cranny and looking for hidden easter eggs.


What are the different mounts in Minecraft Legends?

Throughout your mission in Minecraft Legends, you can tame and ride four distinct mounts. These consist of the tiger, horse, bird, and bug. Finding them is the difficult part; all you have to do to ride a new one is locate it and press Swap Mount when you’re close to it.

How do you get the tiger mount in Minecraft Legends?

In the Dry Savanna environment, regal tigers can be seen wandering around. It’s crucial to note that their spawning locations aren’t constant. However, you’ll know you’ve located them when your map displays an icon of a small tiger.

How many golems are in Minecraft Legends?

In Minecraft Legends, the player can resist against Piglin armies with the aid of a number of different mobs known as Golems. There are eight distinct sorts of Golems, each with their own resource requirements, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is the best mount in Minecraft Legends?

The finest mount in Minecraft Legends is the Beetle, hands down. Because it can get over protective walls and other vertical obstacles, it’s ideal for invading an enemy base in multiplayer Minecraft Legends.

Can you fight in Minecraft Legends?

As the hero, you play in Minecraft Legends! Although you might assume it means you’ll be leading the fight, in reality, you’ll be leading the entire time. You are not alone among the fighters in Legends; in fact, your teammates are more capable of handling the piglins than you are.