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Minecraft Myths That Were Never Real



Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there, Due to that, there are always some myths spawning out of nowhere. But like all myths, most of them aren’t even real.

In view of the relative multitude of awesome undertakings and capacities players have, it’s difficult to envision stumbling into a repairman that doesn’t work the manner in which you may trust it to. Players have experienced issues like this and concoct solutions and clarifications, bringing about a wide assortment of legends and misinterpretations about the game.

Truth be told, of the many Minecraft fantasies that have cycled around among players and online networks, various of them have ended up being essentially false. These legends range from fundamental square associations to player techniques that are intended to make interactivity somewhat simpler, however they simply don’t exactly work out in-game. So, without any further delay let’s take a look at Minecraft myths that were never real.

Grindstones don’t eliminate curses


Grindstones are a convenient method of fixing and refining your devices in Minecraft, assisting you with expanding an apparatus’ toughness and eliminating any mileage from ordinary use. They’re likewise used to eliminate existing charms on a thing, giving you a clean canvas and returning the charm cost so you can modify your instruments on a case by case basis.

The way that grindstones can eliminate charms leads a ton of players to trust it can eliminate curses, yet this tragically isn’t the situation.

This legend that grindstones can eliminate curses is pretty handily invalidated by just testing it out yourself. In case you’re adequately shocked to wind up with a reviled device, you can have a go at putting it to a grindstone to eliminate the impacts. Odds are, you’ll eliminate some other charms you have appended to it, however the revile itself will stay unblemished.

You can’t generally refute fall damage with other damage

Fall damage is a genuine aggravation in Survival Mode, damning players who get somewhat out of hand fabricating their sky scaffolds or who inadvertently delve an opening in the roof of a profound gap. As verified by TheGamer, there are a lot of approaches to decrease or nullify fall damage in case you’re ready, however a couple of misleading legends have discovered their direction into the setup.

One such legend is the conviction that taking damage just before you hit the ground will invalidate your fall. The fan rationale here is that advantageously planned fire tick damage, assaults, or blasts would permit you to abuse your strength outlines (a concise timeframe after your person has been harmed, during which you can’t support extra damage). This would make it so you take just the damage from the lesser source, instead of the fall.

This specific legend is upheld by a couple of player declarations (and surprisingly some real agonizing looking escape clauses), however it doesn’t work reliably enough to merit testing. It’s smarter to keep a couple of helpful things and systems like water containers or very much planned ender pearls in your stock in the event that you end up needing a fast, last-minute salvage. Else, you’re bound to simply hurt yourself much more in transit down.

Downpour falling on magma doesn’t make obsidian

Similar as, in actuality, obsidian is made in Minecraft by cooling magma. There are a couple of methods of doing this in-game, all of which include dousing an obsidian block in water by one way or another. Most players will either lower the square in water or utilize a water can on it, however others have attempted to get more imaginative, leading to the acknowledgment of a curious magma based fantasy.

Just getting the magma wet isn’t sufficient to cut it, nonetheless — a few players have accepted that having an open magma pool over-the-ground was a powerful method of cultivating obsidian, as the magma would cool and solidify at whatever point it was hit with downpour.

It turns out this specific fantasy isn’t correct, as in-game tests have uncovered that downpour and magma blocks don’t connect such that makes this cycle conceivable. The raindrops basically fail and dissipate when they hit the magma blocks. Magma must be soaked to make obsidian, which cultivates a to some degree drawn-out interaction of carrying containers to and fro until magma turned into a sustainable asset as of Version 1.17.

Honey bees can’t fertilize nether mole

Honey bees were a cute expansion to the Minecraft crowd list as of the Buzzy Bees update, and carried with them a helpful new pollinating technician. Honey bees can get dust from blossoms and berry shrubs, then, at that point, convey it over to specific kinds of plants to propel their development stages.

Since honey bees will in general fertilize crops that fill in numerous stages, it was supposed that honey bees could be utilized to cultivate the nether mole organism. Presently, this is valid in the event that you’ve installed the Forestry mod, which gives you much more agrarian authority over your reality, including the capacity to raise extraordinary honey bees that can fertilize plants like nether mole.

Tragically, this specific honey bee behavior doesn’t continue into vanilla Minecraft. Bees will ordinarily overlook the supernatural organism for their number one tidbits. Except if you’ve modded your game, try not to burn through your time hanging tight for your buzzy companions to get in gear — you’re in an ideal situation cultivating nether mole the exemplary way. Similar as Jerry Seinfeld’s “Honey bee Movie,” this legend is a failure.

Branch mining doesn’t help you discover precious stones quicker

Branch mining is a typical practice in Minecraft, as it’s an extraordinary method to check for assets without going spelunking and hazard missing significant squares en route. With each passage intended to show you every one of the squares fair and square, it’s not difficult to investigate what you need and fill in the openings with the offal to check your advancement. With the entire cycle being so natural, it’s normal to expect this is a lot quicker approach to acquire jewels. All things considered, it ought to be not difficult to recognize a glimmer of blue among all that stone, correct?

Things being what they are, branch mining is not any more viable than the dependable cycle of basically prison jumping for plunder. Discovering precious stones is to a great extent math-based, and your shots at discovering a lot of jewels by fastidiously checking each square on the jewel producing levels is lower than if you tracked down a huge, normal cavern. Spelunking is basically quicker, however you don’t run as high a danger of getting lost. Players have seen fluctuating outcomes in all cases, so you should mine in the way is generally a good time for you.

Refining a crude iron square doesn’t make an iron square

This specific legend makes a ton of sense, so it’s not difficult to perceive how it came to fruition. Since mining iron squares drops crude iron, you can smelt single bits of crude iron to make an ingot. Since nine iron ingots make an iron square, you may normally accept that refining a whole square of crude iron could make an iron square.

Tragically, this isn’t the situation. Crude iron squares serve solely as an approach to effortlessly store lumps of crude iron — you can fit nine bits of crude iron into a square, which would then be able to stack effectively in chests until you’re prepared to smelt it. Putting a full square of crude iron into your heater will do nothing, implying that you rather need to smelt every individual lump into an ingot prior to consolidating that load of ingots into a square. Indeed, it’s a ton of steps to accomplish a similar ultimate objective.

Players desire to see a solution to this issue in future patches, however until further notice, the alternate route they need is only a fantasy.


These were some Minecraft myths that were never real. We hope this article helped you in getting to know the game better and avoid any confusions in the future. That being said, do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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