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The Witcher 3: Where to Find the Best Gwent Deck


Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3

Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3 is, as per numerous players, more fun than the remainder of the RPG. It’s a straightforward game – get a higher all out number than your adversary, through any means important – and it doesn’t zero in on battle as other online games do. The first game (not the side project), is still exceptionally enjoyable right up ’til today, however you may need to do some story for the best cards out there.

This three-page article, part of our The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt guide and walkthrough, will take you through building a simple success deck and utilizing it adequately. Page 1 covers fundamental Foltest deck building and utilization. Page 2 subtleties some hot Gwent strategies. At last, Page 3 gives some wide tips to dominating Gwent.

This page will show you the Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This incorporates the Geralt of Rivia, Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno, Avallac’h, Villentretenmerth, and Yennefer of Vengerberg. Note that Gwent as it shows up in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its developments isn’t equivalent to in the independent delivery, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. In case you’re searching for help on the last mentioned, see our Best Weapons and Armor aide.

Arachas/Arachas Behemoth

Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3

The Arachas Behemoth is a 6-strength attack battle unit with the Muster capacity. Notwithstanding, the Arachas Behemoth is extraordinary as it can bring other Arachas from your deck, not simply Arachas Behemoths.

You can discover three of these out on the planet, and every one of the three are bought from different landlords in Arinbjorn, Urialla Harbor, and Svorlag in Skellige.

Celaeno Harpy

The Celaeno Harpy is an uncommon 2-strength unit with the Agile quality. The Agile quality enables the card to be set in either the Close Combat or Ranged columns upon its underlying call. It can’t be moved once positioned, however regardless it gives your group some flexibility.

Say there’s a climate impact banning Melee cards from giving solidarity to your group. With the Agile characteristic, you don’t need to stress over having a card that must be utilized on that line in your grasp.

Crone: Brewess / Weavess / Whispess

Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3

The Crones are probably the creepiest foes in The Witcher 3 and they get a fittingly unpleasant Muster capacity in Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3. Every one of the three of the Crones have this capacity, however you can just win one of every one of the cards in the game. In this way, when a Crone is played, it gathers the other two to the battleground from your deck all things being equal.

The Brewess can be found as an arbitrary prize, the Weaves is won from an Old Sage in the Velen Gwent questline, and the Whishes can be purchased from the In keep in Arinbjorn in Skellige.


The Draug is a 10-strength Hero-type card in the Monsters deck with no extra capacities. Legend type cards can’t be influenced by enhancements or card capacities, and consequently are forces to be reckoned with in Gwent, basically with regards to increasing numbers.

Draug can be found by crushing Crach a Crate during the Skellige Gwent questlines, and it’s the just one you’ll have the option to discover, so utilize it well!


Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3

Kayran is an eight-strength Hero-type card with both the Morale Boost and Agile attributes. Confidence Boost ups the strength of each unit possessing a similar line. Which can be either Close Combat or Ranged as a result of the Agile capacity.

A card you’ll need to get as ahead of schedule as could be Witcher 3 Master Of The Arena, but since it’s an irregular compensation. From Gwent players you may have to do a smidgen of pounding first.

Vampire: Fleder / Garkain / Ekimmara / Bruxa…

The four primary Vampire cards each have four strength and the Muster capacity, which advantageously calls. Every one of the four at whatever point one is played, despite the fact that they actually have various names.

Fleder and Ekimmara can be purchased from owners in Harviken and Svorlag in Skellige, individually. While Garkain is an arbitrary Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3. Bruxa is won during a mission in Blood and Wine.

… And Also Vampire: Katakan

Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3

The fifth vampire, Vampire: Katakan, appears to be a smidgen disappointing from the outset. It’s the same as the others, with the exception of its higher strength, correct? Indeed, in any event, having a one-point higher strength can influence heaps of things. Say, your adversary needs to Scorch your cards, dispensing with the entirety. The greatest level cards in play all the while.

Indeed, in the event that you have one Vampire that is somewhat. More grounded than the others, it will endure the shot all things considered. This card is won from Madman Lugos in the Skellige Gwent questline.

Eredin: Destroyer Of Worlds

Eredin: Destroyer of Worlds is one of the five accessible Leader cards for the Monsters Deck. This type of Eredin, the head of the Wild Hunt. Permits the player to dispose of two cards in return for one from their deck.

It’s an incredible method to process through your cards to discover something you need. Which can assist with tracking down that Muster card you frantically need to play. This form is won from arbitrarily from the Best Gwent Deck Witcher 3 questlines.

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