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Minecraft Player Showcases Awesome Moving Tank Build


The sandbox game Minecraft is widely considered to be the most influential of all time, as well as one of the most accessible and well-known games available. Minecraft is most well-known for the vast amount of creative expression that it allows players to express themselves through its basic yet intuitive crafting system, unlimited exploration, and nearly limitless creative potential.

In contrast to the fact that some Minecraft fans express themselves through their own real-life art style, such as one fan who sketched Minecraft’s Steve in a realistic art style, the vast majority of players express themselves using the in-game crafting system. Minecraft players are continuously pushing the boundaries of the game’s creative inventiveness, whether it’s by building constructions, creating art, or constructing sophisticated Redstone systems.

Despite the fact that many of these creations are incredible in their own right, one thing that most of them are not is mobile; creations such as a massive Minecraft mediaeval city that is completely stationary, including objects such as flags and boats that are mobile in real life but motionless in the game However, as previously noted, players are continually pushing the boundaries of the game, and one player discovered a way to construct a creature that was both totally mobile and somewhat controlled.

Specifically, the player in issue, Reddit user General Wonder 6590, submitted a video to the Minecraft subreddit that depicts a fully mobile tank in the Minecraft world. Apart from being mobile, the tank is also capable of launching TNT blocks to demolish anything in its path. The construct makes extensive use of structure blocks, which are blocks that are used to save and load previously created structures, as well as command blocks, which when triggered do various operations. As an example, in the case of the tank, the construction blocks appear to be used to reposition the tank in order to simulate movements and turns, whilst the command blocks were most likely used to fire the TNT.

General Wonder 6590’s utilization of structure and command blocks is extremely inspirational, much like one player’s completely functional in-game Minecraft cutscene. Players have previously constructed moving creations, however General Wonder 6590’s may be a step ahead of the rest owing to the fluidity with which it moves compared to the others. In the past, gamers have utilized Redstone and pistons to simulate movement; while these creations were nonetheless incredible to see, the moving of individual blocks caused them to appear aesthetically weird at times. According to the artist’s conception, the tank travels very smoothly in comparison, with the only jarring action being the entire 90-degree turns that it does on the battlefield.