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Momo Vtuber Face Reveal, Real Name, Age and Bio


Curious about Momo Vtuber’s face reveal, real name, age, and bio? Look no further! In this article, we’ll dive into the intriguing world of this English VTuber sensation. With her vibrant green hair, captivating emerald eyes, and lively personality, Momo has captured the hearts of many. Known for her unique style and lovely singing voice, she has gained a significant following. Join us as we unravel the mysteries surrounding Momo Vtuber and discover the face behind the virtual avatar.

Who is Momo Vtuber?

Do you know who Momo Vtuber is? Well, let me tell you. Momo Vtuber is a famous female English VTuber who’s gained a significant following. She’s known for her lively and cheeky personality, especially when collaborating with other streamers. Momo is easily recognizable with her green hair, loose pigtails, and emerald eyes. She often wears a black sweatshirt, fishnet crop top, black shorts, black and white sneakers, and a black leather necklace with her emblem.

Momo isn’t only talented in streaming and has a lovely singing voice. She has her own community called Momos Minions and is also active on social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Artstation. With her unique style and growing popularity, Momo continues to gain more followers and milestones in her streaming career.

Momo Vtuber Face Reveal

Have you heard the news about Momo Vtuber’s face reveal on September 26, 2015? Because it’s creating quite a buzz. Momo, the lively and cheeky English VTuber, finally showed her face to the world. She captivated her fans with her green hair, loose pigtails, and emerald eyes. Momo’s unique style, love for metal music, and lovely singing voice have made her famous among viewers. She even reached a milestone of 100,000 followers on Twitch on October 2, 2020.

Despite her growing popularity, Momo’s real name remains a secret. However, her social media presence, including her active Twitter page with 98.6K followers, allows her to connect with fans and share her adventures.

Momo Twitch Real Name

Since you’re curious about Momo’s real name, it’s still a mystery that hasn’t been revealed yet. Despite her popularity as a VTuber, Momo has managed to keep this personal detail under wraps. Many fans have speculated and made guesses, but none have been confirmed. It adds to the intrigue and mystique surrounding Momo’s persona, leaving her followers eager to uncover the truth.

While her real name remains unknown, Momo continues to engage with her audience through her captivating streams and social media presence. Her energetic and playful nature, her love for music, and unique fashion sense have endeared her to worldwide viewers. Momo’s real name may be a secret, but her impact on the VTuber community is undeniable.

Momo Vtuber Twitter

If you want to stay updated on Momo Vtuber’s latest updates and interactions with fans, follow her on Twitter. Momo, the female English VTuber, has gained a significant following on the platform with 98.6K followers. Her Twitter page, @MomoMischief, serves as a platform for her to connect with her fans. With 5,015 tweets and counting, Momo keeps her followers engaged by sharing her thoughts updates, and even showcasing her lovely singing voice.

Momo has gained popularity as an independent streamer for her lively and cheeky personality, especially when collaborating with other streamers. Don’t miss out on her unique style and growing popularity among viewers. Follow Momo on Twitter to be a part of her virtual world and catch all the exciting moments.

Momo Vtuber Biography

You should check out Momo Vtuber’s biography because it details her life and achievements. Momo, a female English VTuber, debuted at an undisclosed time and gained popularity among viewers. She revealed her face on September 26, 2015, according to various sources. Momo, whose real name is still a secret, is recognized for her green hair, loose pigtails, and emerald eyes. She often dons a black sweatshirt, fishnet crop top, shorts, and sneakers.

Momo is known for her lively and cheeky personality, especially when collaborating with other streamers. Additionally, she has a lovely singing voice and is a metal enthusiast. With over 98.6K followers on Twitter, Momo’s biography showcases her unique style and growing popularity.

Specifications Details
Full Name N/A
Nick Name Momo Mischief
Date of Birth 22 September
Gender Female
Channel Twitch and Youtube
Character Designer Herself
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Affiliation Independent

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Momo’s Favorite Type of Music?

Momo’s favorite type of music is metal. She is a metal enthusiast and enjoys wearing unusual clothing. Momo’s unique style and lively personality make her a popular VTuber among viewers.

Does Momo Have Any Siblings?

No, Momo does not have any siblings. She is an only child.

How Did Momo Get Into Streaming as a Vtuber?

Momo got into streaming as a VTuber by independently debuting and not being part of any Twitch teams. She embraced her unique style, showcased her lively and cheeky personality, and connected with viewers, leading to her growing popularity.

What Are Some of Momo’s Favorite Hobbies Outside of Streaming?

Outside of streaming, some of Momo’s favorite hobbies include wearing unusual clothing, being a metal enthusiast, and enjoying her unique style. She loves expressing herself through her fashion choices and embracing her love for music.

Does Momo Have Any Plans for Future Collaborations With Other Vtubers?

Yes, Momo has plans for future collaborations with other VTubers. She enjoys working with other streamers and brings a lively and cheeky energy to her collaborations. Stay tuned for exciting collaborations in the future!


In conclusion, Momo Vtuber has captivated fans with her vibrant personality, lovely singing voice, and unique style. While the enigmatic VTuber hasn’t revealed her face or real name, her Twitter page and Twitch milestones showcase her growing popularity. With her loyal fan base, known as ‘Momo’s Minions,’ Momo continues entertaining and engaging with her audience. The mysteries surrounding Momo only add to her allure and make her a beloved figure in the world of VTubing.