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Most Affordable Samsung Phones – Note and ‘S’ Series.


Samsung offers a variety of options when it comes to their smartphones index. Nowadays, Samsung unveiled the galaxy note series and Galaxy s series models in the market. However, selecting suitable galaxy models is not an easy task. This article will help you find the best Samsung galaxy models to buy in 2021 in excellent price ranges. These Samsung mobiles devices are available to buy under a pocket-friendly budget. If you’re looking for the most affordable Samsung phones in Australia then check out this website.

Recently Samsung has released the Samsung Galaxy Note series and Samsung Galaxy S Series. The significant difference between the top models of the Galaxy Note series and Galaxy S series is there in display sizes. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Note series models are compatible with the Samsung S pen stylus. Yet there are some minor differences between both the Samsung models like memory, storage capacity, gallery, and Smartphone’s cameras.

Get detail about Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs. the Galaxy S10 Plus-

The two different versions of Samsung smartphones have noticeable differences between them. The Galaxy Note10 plus and Galaxy S10 plus are different in their sizes. The Note10 plus is available in the market in screen sizes 6.8 inches. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 series is available in 6.4 inches display. These two different versions of Samsung mobile have a similar resolution that is 3040 * 1440. Additionally, the Note10 plus has a display of 498 pixels/inch, while the S10 plus offers 522 pixels/inch.


Camera: The key differences which appear in note series are in their camera devices. Well, both two versions of the Samsung galaxy note series and s series has 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, 16-megapixel ultra-wide cameras, and a 12-megapixel telephoto camera. Additionally, Note10 plus includes a fourth depth camera. Unlike the Note10 plus series, S10 also has 8-megapixel depth camera features. When it is about the front-facing selfie camera, both mobile phones versions Note and S series, have 10-megapixel sensors.

Storage Capacity: Notice to the comparison of storage capacity, the Note 10 Plus and S10 series have offered different storage options. Galaxy S10 Plus is available in 128 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB storage capacities. At the same time, the Note 10 Plus series has either 256 GB or 512 GB storage capacity. The Note 10 Plus mobile phones are available in 12 GB RAM options. On the other side, customers can choose 8 GB or 12 GB RAM options in S10 Plus mobile phones.

Battery features: The Note 10 Plus mobile phones offer a larger battery, around 4300mAh, vs. the S10 Plus model, which offers a 4100 mAh battery capacity.

The S pen stylus: Unlike Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, the Galaxy Note series comes with a smart S pen stylus. Samsung has launched an S pen with new features that offer many benefits, such as gesture controls refresh design and use to convert handwritten notes to text. This stylus S pen feature adds extra functionality to enhance the productivity of the apps. Users can use S pen as controlling music, firing off the camera’s shutter, and for remote purposes. If you find a Stylus an essential tool for you, then go for Note10; otherwise, if you think it is not a necessary tool, check out the Galaxy S10 models.

Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10-

The Galaxy S10 series is available with wireless power share, water-resistant, USB- C connector, and hole-punch screen notch, headphone jack, and expandable storage. On the other side, the Note 10 model comes with S pen Stylus, wireless power share, hole-punch screen notch, and fingerprint sensor, water-resistant.


There are several differences between the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S 10 series. Both of them smartphone versions are available in different price ranges. The designs of both the series of Samsung mobile phone are slightly different, and they have different dimensions and screen sizes. But the overall regular experience of both the Samsung Galaxy Note series and S series are almost similar. If you are looking to buy smartphones that have large headphone sockets, then you should buy Galaxy S. Otherwise, you can shift your mindset towards the other series.

The smartphone devices of the Samsung model begin from low ranges. At the same time, the galaxy note series is available from mid to high price ranges. Slightly they may offer better performance in terms of camera, storage capacity, and computing power. However, you can buy the latest Samsung mobile devices as per your budget and requirement. Both smartphone devices are fantastic and offer high-end services.