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MSI now offers the B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI as a part of their gaming PC collection


MSI has announced that the B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI ATX motherboard is now available for purchase, and the company gave no additional details about the product. This motherboard, which is also compatible with the LGA1700 standard, features a chip manufactured by Intel and referred to as the B760. You may get a motherboard with the Intel B760 CPU and the ATX standard named B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI. This particular motherboard is available for purchase.

According to MSI, it is positioned as a fantastic choice for constructing a gaming PC, prioritizing functionality rather than marketing promises. This is because the company places a greater emphasis on functionality. The B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI features a huge VRM heat sink and a 12+1+1 phase power supply circuit. These are two of the most essential aspects of the product. The combination of these two factors guarantees stable performance. In addition, it supports Realtek 2.5 Gigabit LAN and Wi-Fi 6, making it possible for gamers to build up the most efficient and effective high-speed networking environment that is feasible.

In addition, the motherboard comes with a number of helpful add-ons, such as a “EZ M.2 Clip” that makes it easier to install M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) and a “MSI Driver Utility Installer” that ensures that the process of installing drivers is as uncomplicated as it can possibly be. Both of these features are included as standard. The basic characteristics of the motherboard include PCI Express 4.0 (x16) x1, PCI Express 4.0 (x4) x1, PCI Express 3.0 (x1) x3, M.2 (PCIe 4.0) x2, SATA x4, and DDR5 6800 + (OC) x4 expansion slots for memory.

There is one HDMI 2.1 port and one DisplayPort 1.4 port available for usage in the device’s visual output capabilities so that users can connect external displays. Please visit the official MSI website to acquire additional information regarding the B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI. This website will provide you with details such as the product’s specifications and pricing information. The cost would be something in the general vicinity of $185.