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This is the best level in Minecraft 1.20 to locate diamonds


Even with Minecraft version 1.20, diamonds continue to be the most coveted resource, at least for players just starting out. Since the game’s official release in 2011, diamonds have been the most valuable earth mineral to locate. This is because they can be fashioned into the tools, weapons, and armor components that are the most powerful. Even after netherite was implemented into the game, the item’s capacity to provoke feelings of surprise and delight has not been diminished.

Even if there are a ton of new blocks and things added in Minecraft 1.20, players who are new to the game will still have to mine for hours in order to earn diamonds. It has been the case for a number of years that it will produce results at a specific Y level in the Overworld; however, this behavior has lately been altered.

Ore distribution change after 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update

First and foremost, players have to be aware that following the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update, there was a significant shift in the resource distribution throughout the Overworld. This was due to the fact that the new planet generation went further from Y level 0 all the way down to Y level -64. This resulted in opening an entirely new network of underground caves for gamers to investigate.

This is the best level in Minecraft 1.20 to locate diamonds

Consequently, the rate at which diamond ore is produced also changed from its typical Y level. Since the 1.18 release, all subsequent updates have adhered to the ore distribution chart introduced in that version.

Diamond ore generation levels and the best level to find them

The location of the ores that may be mined for diamonds has moved even farther down the Overworld, and they can now be found at the very bottom of the realm. They appear between the Y level 16 and the -63 level (because the Y level -64 represents the bedrock layer).

This is the best level in Minecraft 1.20 to locate diamonds

As players move closer to the bedrock layer, the frequency they encounter them increases. As a result, the Y level -58 is the optimal place to search for diamonds in Minecraft 1.20. Even though, in theory, players will find more of them if they mine deeper than -54, the probability of generating a diamond ore will substantially decrease once bedrock grows on that layer.

Some tips while mining for diamond ore

It is recommended that players have high-quality equipment, such as a pickaxe that has been charmed with Efficiency, in order to efficiently mine through the challenging deepslate blocks. Players should use an enchanted pickaxe that has the Fortune effect when mining diamond ores to obtain a greater number of diamonds from a single ore block. In addition, they need to exercise extreme caution when mining in close proximity to a Deep Dark biome because it is easy for them to set off sculk shriekers, which can call the Warden.