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My Time at Portia Gift Guide For Every Character


My Time at Portia Gift Guide

Beside chipping away at your homestead, My Time at Portia Gift Guide allows you to blend with the distinctive residents. Everybody has their own eccentricities and interests, and the most ideal method for turning out to be quick companions is by giving them gifts. Here are everyones most loved things in My Time at Portia:

Showering your kindred Portians with gifts is one incredible method for further developing your relationship status with them. Get to know your adjoining NPCs has many advantages like getting gifts via the post office and on your birthday and limits! Since each character has their inclinations, you might be pondering where to begin. My Time at Portia Gift Guide is a superb source to use to guarantee you are gifting the right gifts for greatest relationship focuses.

Its not just about dealing with a studio in Understanding Gen Z. Youll have the option to completely investigate a huge dystopian land that is covered with remains and robots to fight. Its a great experience, and youll need to make every one of the companions you can while chasing after piece. This is a substantially more eager cultivating experience, with something other than harvests to develop. Here, were tied in with developing connections, so youll track down the very best gifts to give in the guide beneath.

All the Characters are Covered in the My Time at Portia Gift Guide.

The characters are organized in sequential request in this My Time at Portia Gift Guide. Each part examines the person and records the signs used to decide the best gifts for every NPC. The gifts in the bulleted list are organized from generally top pick to least most loved yet all things are LOVED. I didn’t make reference to the things that are recently enjoyed. I just recorded the week after week wants of things the Portians love, not the enjoyed things.

Moving right along, here is the rundown of characters.


Aadit works for Dawa at the nursery. Very little is had some familiarity with him aside from that he isn’t a Portia local.

Sadly, because of specific occasions in the game, I presently don’t approach Aadit. In this manner I can’t decide the precision of the Wiki for his gifts. (A few clients on Reddit said that the measure of relationship focuses is diverse for console clients.)

His food inclinations at the Round Table are not valuable signs for the gifts he loves. In any case, his 2 week by week wants, the delicious plant, and charm are spot on for the +10 relationship focuses. He cherishes seeing the Solider with Ax, Solider with Blade, and the Performance Center Model at the gallery and solicitation bits of those relics infrequently.

Utilizing these signs recorded in the My Time at Portia Gift Guide, the gifts he cherishes are:

  • Fishermans Ax
  • Solider With Ax
  • Solider With Blade
  • Iron Ax
  • Execution Center Model
  • Delicious Plant
  • Charm

Abu (Papa Bear)

Daddy Bear is the main bear who strolls on two legs and is Oaks father. Since he is a bear and a creature, there are 2 things you can give him that he will truly cherish:

  • Smell Apples
  • Regal Honey


Ack is a robot that you meet toward the center of the game advancement. Since he is a robot he cherishes getting parts to keep him running like:

  • Military Engine
  • Accuracy Parts
  • Progressed Engine
  • Modern Engine
  • Silicone Chipset


My Time at Portia Gift Guide

Albert is a women man who ensures his appearance is great. Assuming you take him to the Round Table, he will tell you that he loves fiery food. My Time at Portia Gift Guide, he loves checking out Old Talker, Fish Sub, and Soldier with a Specter at the historical center and furthermore demands bits of the Galloping Horse Relic just as the recently referenced relics. His week after week wants are fiery fish soup and pot of asteria.

Utilizing what we know, his cherished gifts are:

  • Triangle Sunglasses
  • Solider with a Specter
  • Jogging Horse
  • Pot of Asteria
  • Brilliant Necklace
  • Fish Sub
  • Old Talker
  • Zesty Fish Soup


Alice is the proprietor of the bloom shop. Her and her younger sibling Jack are scarcely making closes meets since they were displaced people when they came to Portia so they needed to begin at nothing.

Because of her destitution, she cherishes getting food things, My Time at Portia Gift Guide 2 out of 3 of her week by week wants are vegetable serving of mixed greens and stewed mushrooms. Assuming you take her to the Round Table and ask her what her cherished food varieties are, she will let you know that she enjoys vegan and salad food sources.

Alice loves seeing the Weird Glass Jar at the exhibition hall and she normally demands bits of the Autumn Doll, Winter Doll, Weird Jar, and the Bonsai.

Utilizing the data above, you will see that Alice loves:

  • Bonsai
  • Peculiar Glass Jar
  • Pre-winter Doll
  • Winter Doll
  • Stewed Mushrooms
  • Vegetable Salad


My Time at Portia Gift Guide

Antoine works at the Commerce Guild, spends time with Sonia and Emily, and stalks Dr. Xu. He will let you know that he prefers vegetables and salad assuming you take him to the eatery and his week by week wants are natural product salad and vegetable serving of mixed greens. Antoine likes seeing My Time at Portia Gift Guide and the Catmaid sculpture at the historical center and he will in general demand relic bits of the Fortune Cat, Fan Model, and the Spring Doll.

This is Antoine most loved gifts:

  • Owl Clock
  • Catmaid Statue
  • Fortune Cat
  • Fan Model
  • Natural product Salad
  • Vegetable Salad
  • Spring Doll

We’ll be updating this post with more details as soon as new information My Time at Portia Gift Guide. For more tips and tricks on My Time at Portia, make sure to search for Twinfinite.