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NBC’s ‘The Titan Games’ Premiering on January 3, 2019


The Titan Games

Dwayne the Rock Johnson is known world over for his work on the big screen but before all of that he was a professional wrestler. A profession known to be one of the most physically taxing and grueling on one’s mind and body. It was working 300+ days a year, working twice in a day, traveling from one town to the other without breaks or meals and put one’s body on the line with the high risk of career threatening injuries. He did all that for years and made a name for himself as the people’s champ and “the most electrifying man in all of entertainment”, a catchphrase that, little did he know, would be more real not so soon after he switched careers.

Rock’s vision for Titan Games was to find everyday people that posses more than simply a good physique. These men and women are physical specimens and athletes of a hyper caliber but they also have day jobs. Teachers, doctors, firefighters, housewives, accountants you name it. These magnificent individuals are like super humans hiding among us but now, they will be revealed to the world in the most intense competition of their lives, The Titan Games.

The Titan Games

Titan Arena

Titan Games may seem like yet another Ninja Warrior wannabe but believe me when I tell you this, these contestants are not running a course or overcoming obstacles. Competitors are pitted against each other in a showdown of strength, stamina, speed and endurance. Uniquely designed games seem almost out of Roman gladiator times and that’s what makes them different and exciting.

The Titan Games

The Titan Games

The contestants are handpicked by the Rock himself and in January 2019, we will witness something truly amazing on NBC. Power, strength, speed, stamina and a will to compete is what The Titan Arena caters to. Millions of people hold their life’s purpose at the forefront of everything. They have to be better, better than others and more than that, better than their former selves. Titans games is the platform that allows these unique and inspiring people to showcase their abilities and cement their names as Titans.