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TeamGroup claims a 25C temperature drop when using their PS5 M.2 heatsink


At Computex, Teamgroup showcased a new PS5 M.2 heatsink that may significantly enhance thermal performance for the best solid-state drives (SSDs) for the PlayStation 5. According to Teamgroup, the TForce AL1 heatsink can improve SSD thermals by up to 25 degrees Celsius by replacing the rear shroud that is located on the PS5’s M.2 expansion slot. The heatsink is constructed out of aluminum and given a coating with a matte black finish. This finish is designed to closely coincide with the matte black paneling that is located below the white cover of the PS5. The heatsink makes use of the active cooling that is provided by the primary CPU/SoC fan in the PS5 expansion slot.

Additionally, the heatsink itself replaces the SSD cover on the PS5, so it is located on the exterior of the PS5 enclosure. This allows it to draw in more air than a traditional cover would. Therefore, in comparison to typical M.2 coolers, this heatsink offers a significant benefit in terms of both its width and depth. With their AL1 heatsink, Teamgroup claims to be able to reduce thermals by 12 to 25 degrees Celsius, which is a significant increase in thermal headroom for any solid-state drive. This should enable any SSDs that have poor performance with more than sufficient headroom to attain peak performance on the PlayStation 5 for extended periods of time.

Since the fan that cools the M.2 expansion slot is also responsible for cooling the CPU and SoC, the temperature drop of up to 25 degrees Celsius will also help minimize any hot air that is expelled from the PS5. The AL1 heatsink has dimensions of 127 millimeters by 65.5 millimeters by 13.5 millimeters and weighs 78 grams. It should go without saying that you do not need to check any of these dimensions in order to install this heatsink onto a PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 is compatible with the 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, and 22110 bit formats.