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New Pikmin Types for Pikmin 4


New Pikmin Types for Pikmin 4

In this article we will explore what are pikmin 4 new pikmin types. As of today game has just released on 21st June, 2023. Let’s find out what is hidden for game players in this new version of the game.

As anticipation builds for the forthcoming Pikmin 4, the gaming community is abuzz with the potential introduction of new Pikmin types. In previous Pikmin installments, every new generation introduced two new types of Pikmin.

So far, for Pikmin 4, only the Ice Pikmin has been announced. With Ochi filling a character role but not technically a Pikmin, it’s plausible to speculate the introduction of another new species for this series installment.

Here are some exciting ideas for possible new Pikmin species that could join the roster in Pikmin 4.

1. Bandit Pikmin

Emerging from the Green Onion could be the Bandit Pikmin, a tall, slender species that sports a mask as a distinct facial feature. True to their name, Bandit Pikmin excel at stealth, creating confusion amongst enemies. This elusive type thrives in the shadows, proving most useful during nighttime missions, especially for exploring and recon missions.

Possessing the lowest detection radius among all Pikmin types, they can vanish in a puff of smoke if they’re idle or if an enemy notices them. This vanishing technique could prove vital in evading enemies, especially enraged ones with glowing red eyes, a feature anticipated to be prominent in Pikmin 4’s nighttime mode.

2. Might Pikmin

Originating from the Orange Onion, the Might Pikmin are a possible nighttime exclusive species inspired by the real-world termite. Their underground onion networks might serve as a situational resource, much like how Baldmin were recruitable only in caves in previous games.

The Might Pikmin’s six-legged structure and pincer-like front jaws make them quick collectors of the star bit-like gems, as featured in the trailer. This makes them vulnerable, however, to predatory species at night. Their ability to burrow underground may serve as a strategic defense, allowing them to transport gems safely to the ship.

3. Flame Pikmin

A potentially useful addition to the Pikmin family could be the Flame Pikmin. These fire-starting creatures could be instrumental in illuminating dark areas or melting ice. Their constant source of flame could add a dynamic layer to environmental puzzles and speed up clearing certain obstacles.

4. Slime Pikmin

Slime Pikmin, another potential green type, might offer new puzzle-solving mechanics and combat strategies. Similar to an amoeba, Slime Pikmin could slip through small pipes and grates, even passing through lattice gates. In combat scenarios, they could slow down enemies by covering them in a gooey film.

As the release of Pikmin 4 approaches, these ideas for new Pikmin types represent some of the thrilling possibilities the game could introduce. This adds another layer of excitement to the highly-anticipated game, inviting fans to speculate on the potential gameplay mechanics and strategies that could be possible with the introduction of new Pikmin species.