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How to Repair Trident in Minecraft


The game Minecraft makes it challenging to acquire the greatest weaponry. In order to get the most powerful weapons and armor in the game, you will either have to defeat powerful foes or mine uncommon resources, or both. It is one of the few weapons that can be used for near and ranged battle because to its unique ability to be thrown and recalled like Thor’s hammer, which makes the trident an exceptionally lethal weapon that also serves as one of the few weapons that can be used for both close and ranged combat. Your trident, like everything else in Minecraft, has a certain amount of durability before it will eventually break. This post will walk you through the steps necessary to repair a trident in Minecraft. So let’s get started:

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How to Repair Trident in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can restore your broken Trident by combining it with another broken Trident. Although the technique is not particularly complicated, the way in which it is repaired affects the enchantments it possesses. Due to the fact that tridents cannot be hand-crafted, we have no choice but to combine two of them. On an anvil, you can use the materials used to make the vast majority of the weapons that can be manufactured to repair those weapons. However, this is not the case with a trident, unfortunately. In this game, repairing a broken trident can be done in one of four methods.

How to Repair Trident in Minecraft

  • Using the Crafting Table to Perform Repairs
  • Utilizing an Anvil in the Repair Process
  • Grindstone is used for repairs
  • Applying Mend Enchantment to it will help

Using the Crafting Table to Perform Repairs

Employing a crafting table, unite the two broken tridents into one. The Trident will be repaired via this method, and its durability will be increased, but any previous enchantments on the weapon will be lost.

Utilizing an Anvil in the Repair Process

When working with an Anvil, you should forge a combination of a healthy trident and a broken trident. This approach will not only repair the enchanted trident but also preserve its powers.

Grindstone is used for repairs

How to Repair Trident in Minecraft

This approach functions in a manner analogous to repairing an item using a crafting table. You will need to join two broken tridents in order to restore and strengthen the durability of each of them. Even though using a crafting table and a Grindstone remove enchantments, using a Grindstone has a tiny advantage over using a crafting table. After using a Grindstone to repair your trident, neither the Curse of Binding nor the Curse of Vanishing will be removed.

Applying Mend Enchantment to it will help

Whenever the healing enchantment is cast upon it by you. This will repair your trident using XP orbs so that it can be used again. While you have the trident, it will restore two durabilities for each experience orb you collect.


Can you repair a trident with Prismarine?

To answer your question, no, Prismarine Crystals cannot be used to repair a broken trident in Minecraft.

How can we repair trident?

The mending enhancement is the last and most reliable method for restoring a Trident to working order after it has been damaged. Mending enhancement books can be obtained through fishing, plundering chests, trading with villagers, or transforming a villager into a Librarian. Another way to acquire these books is to turn a villager into a Librarian. After that, the player can insert the Trident into an anvil and the repairing book into another slot in their inventory.

What item heals a trident in Minecraft?

It is possible to repair tridents by combining two broken tridents in a grindstone, on a crafting table, or on the 2×2 inventory grid. This will erase any enchantments on the tridents, with the exception of the curses of disappearing and binding.

What is the best trident in Minecraft?

Because it causes the weapon to return to your hand after you hurl it, the Loyalty enchantment is often considered to be the greatest Trident enchantment in Minecraft. If you do not have Loyalty, running a Trident can be a living nightmare because you will need to look for it after each throw.

What is the rarest Trident in Minecraft?

The Tridents that may be found in Minecraft are an extremely uncommon type of Weapon. It is not possible to make these; rather, Drowned creatures occasionally drop them as a very uncommon drop. In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, Drowned have a 15% chance of spawning with a Trident, whereas in the Java Edition of Minecraft, this chance is reduced to 6.25%. Drowned also have an 8.5% chance of shedding their Trident as an item when they die.