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New Technology Trends in Online Casinos 2022


Online casinos are growing ever more popular as the advances in technology bring that dream of an authentic casino experience to online customers that bit closer. Looking at an online casino now compared with even just 5 years ago highlights those advances and can easily indicate where you can expect your casino experience to look like in 2022 and beyond.

Geolocation software

The first of these trends in online casinos is geolocation software. This protects not only the license of the online casino operator but also the player as well. Geolocation software tracks exactly where you are so that you can only access the services that are legal in your area. This does not always mean where you live, but where you are physically located at the point at which you are trying to access the online casino.

While this is not such an issue in places like Canada, where there are a number of off-shore and international options for online casinos, it is not the same in the US, where what is and isn’t legal will vary from state to state.

The range of features and quality of slots

As technology improves, it also means that more can be squeezed into a game without any loading problems or glitching occurring during play. With an online casino that has an extensive range of slots like, this can increase not only the number of games they can offer customers but also their quality.

This is because the types of slots with extra features and mini-games will have more to offer for the player, so they are getting a better experience as they are playing, which can be no bad thing.

Live casino games

Live casino games are what many people join online casinos for. They may be located hundreds or even thousands of miles from their local casino and not able to travel that far just to play for an hour or so, or with the current crisis, unwilling to spend time in close proximity to so many people.

The trend in improved technology means that this experience has no glitches, and while you might not feel you are actually standing on the casino floor just yet, it still improves the experience of the player massively

Embracing digital currencies

Until recently, if you wanted to fund your online casino account, you would have been stuck with the more traditional methods like transferring money from your bank or using a Visa or Mastercard to make a deposit. Some online casinos might offer PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller as e-wallet options, but if you wanted to directly use a form of digital currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you might be unable.

With many major retailers now accepting cryptocurrencies in some form for online transactions, you would expect more online casinos to join them and start accepting them as well. However, you would also expect them to be converted into whatever your local currency was for wagering on the various slots and table games within the casino, instead of you being able to wager in Bitcoin just yet.

AI chatbots for customer service

With modern online casinos, a surprisingly small number of problems occur considering the number of things that could possibly go wrong. The things that typically go wrong tend to be related in the main to small things like not reading the instructions (or the terms and conditions) properly, or larger things like a deposit not being processed correctly or within the agreed timescale. On occasions like this, online casino customers can use AI chatbots to answer these simple questions and leave their customer support staff free to deal with those bigger issues.

Chatbots are normally triggered by clicking a live chat or support button on the site and will direct the customer to an automated, generic solution that is likely to do the trick in the vast majority of cases. While many customers don’t like these chatbots, they are improving as time goes in and providing better answers to even some of the most inarticulate of inquiries.

To wrap things up

While it is not always the case, technology is designed to make people’s lives easier, and if the trends continue for 2022 and beyond, you are going to see better security for sites through geolocation technology, better slots, and live games with more features. Plus, watch out for chatbots to solve your problems faster and the potential that you could soon be playing using Bitcoin or some other digital currency.