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Nintendo Voice Chat Presents: The Best Nintendo Console Ever Tournament


It’s time to name the greatest Nintendo console ever! How to cast your ballot!

This momentous occasion has prompted the Nintendo Voice Chat presenters to examine the eternal question: Is Nintendo’s Switch the best Nintendo system ever? And if not, then what is the answer to this question?

We’ve decided to ask for aid from the IGN community in order to find an answer. For the next month, IGN will host a live bracket where fans may vote on their favourite matchups. We’ll decide which Nintendo system is the best of all time, whether it’s a standard console or a portable!

NVC’s Best Nintendo Console Ever Bracket

There is a lot of similarity between this bracket and the NFL playoffs’ initial configuration. We’ve seeded specific consoles based on factors such as the lifespan of the library, the design of the console, and the inclusion of extras. Here’s how each bracket was seeded by us. So good that they’re exempted from the list: SNES, Game Boy, and Switch.


(1) Super Nintendo

(2) Nintendo Entertainment System

(3) GameCube

(4) Nintendo 64

(5) Nintendo Wii

(6) Nintendo Wii U


(1) Game Boy

(2) Nintendo Switch

(3) Game Boy Advance (GBA)

(4) Nintendo DS

(5) Nintendo 3DS

(6) Virtual Boy

Based on the results of the previous round, we will reseed the pairings for the next round. Is there going to be a big upset? It’s up to time!

As the month progresses, join us on Nintendo Voice Chat to debate the most intriguing matches. To refresh your memory, we’ve compiled a number of lists of the finest Nintendo games, including some of the top titles on the new Nintendo Switch console as well.