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Old LightHouse Citadel Key Location in Warzone 2 MW2


Warzone 2.0 is a massive multiplayer online battleground that is completely free to play and has an all-new map known as AL Mazrah. Fight alongside your buddies in a conflict that spans the urban core as well as the surrounding countryside. By completing contracts and looting supply boxes for prizes, you can improve your armament and gain a tactical advantage in the game. A new objective-based sandbox option has been added, in which players can decide how they want to play through the game and earn things to retain in their inventory.

You will receive the Red Team 141 Operator Pack, the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, the Battle Pass, and 50 Tier Skips* if you purchase the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2. The Old LightHouse Citadel Key Location in Warzone 2 MW2 will be explained in this post for your convenience. So let’s get started:

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Old LightHouse Citadel Key Location in Warzone 2 MW2

The position of the Old Lighthouse Citadel Key can be found south of Sarrif Bay, in the general vicinity of F8 on the map. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, search for a lighthouse and enter it; inside you’ll find the room for the citadel. The following is an explanation of how to locate or arrive at the destination (expand the screenshots above):

  • Travel to the area that is south of Sarrif Bay.

Old LightHouse Citadel Key Location in Warzone 2 MW2

  • Once you’re inside the lighthouse, look for a gray door that has a “X” graffiti written on it.

Old LightHouse Citadel Key Location in Warzone 2 MW2

You are going to be headed toward an antique lighthouse that is located on a little island that is located to the south of Sarrif Bay. The key can be received through the HVT contract, opponent AI drops, or loot containers in a completely random fashion.


What does a fortress key go to?

The Fortress Treasury Key is a Key that may be used to access the Treasury Vault of the Sea Fort, which is located on the lowest level of the fort. The key to unlocking the majority of the Sea Fort’s riches can only be retrieved once all Phantom waves have been cleared and the Captain of the Fortress has been defeated on the last wave. Only then will the key become available.

Where is the old lighthouse Citadel Warzone 2?

The Old Lighthouse Citadel Room can be found on the bottom floor of the lighthouse structure, which can be found on the big island that is located to the south of Sariff Bay. You may find it at the coordinates ‘F8’ on the map.

Is there a bunker in Warzone 2?

The entrance to the hidden bunker on Ashika Island in Warzone 2 may be found in a region known as the Waterways, which is just beneath the Tsuki Castle Point of Interest (POI).

What MW2 maps are on Warzone 2?

Because of this, players are likely to be pumped up about the fact that the Highrise, Terminal, Quarry, and Dome locations from Modern Warfare 3 are included in the Warzone 2 map. Particularly well-liked among players of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode were the maps Highrise and Terminal.

Can you nuke in Warzone 2?

A streak of five consecutive victories in Warzone 2 is required to unlock the nuclear weapon. In order to activate the Tactical Nuke Killstreak in Warzone 2, you will need to secure five wins in a row, in addition to enduring a challenging tribulation of additional objectives in a subsequent round. This will be necessary in order to unlock the killstreak.

What is DMZ MW2?

Your mission in DMZ will essentially consist of infiltrating and navigating around the Al Mazrah map from Warzone 2.0 in order to complete a series of objectives. In contrast to other games, such as Battle Royale, in which your objective is to stay alive until there is no one else left, the goal of this one is more to complete a series of challenges and then make a safe exit.