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How to Find Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key Location in DMZ Warzone 2


Players of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ can occasionally come across keys that can be used to access previously prohibited places. One of these locations is the Cavern Boat Dock Shack, and the key for that location will allow you to enter and explore this modest structure. After obtaining the key, players will need to be aware of the precise location of this place on the map of Al Mazrah in order to proceed. Within DMZ Warzone 2, the Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key Location can be found by following the instructions in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Find Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key Location in DMZ Warzone 2

After turning on the game and opening the map, you will need to find your way to a particular location on the map that is adjacent to both the river and the marine gas station. Once you are there, the game will begin automatically.

How to Find Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key Location in DMZ Warzone 2

Once you have discovered the location of the destination, you will need to navigate through the cave, which is filled with a number of boots in order to reach your goal. In any case, once you arrive there, you will find a little cottage where you will be able to use your key, so keep an eye out for that. You should make your way to the very far end of the cave, as that is where you are likely to find the location of the Cavern Boat Dock.

How to Find Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key Location in DMZ Warzone 2


Where is the cavern boat shack in DMZ?

The Sattiq Cave Complex is home to the Cavern Boat Dock Shack among its many other attractions. The western region of Al-Mazrah is home to a cave system known as the Sattiq Cave Complex. Location-wise, the cave complex can be found to the north of Sa’id City and to the northeast of the Hafid port.

Where do you dock the boat in Sattiq caves?

Docking a boat at the riverbank caves in Sattiq Caves is the first step in the Caved In task, and it’s also the one that’s the least difficult. Just between the two bridges that lead to the primary location is where the waterway entrance to the riverside caves can be found. This entrance can be found on the western side of the Sattiq Caves Complex.

How do I get keys in DMZ?

By pillaging various containers, you can acquire DMZ keys.

Interacting with these containers allows you to search their contents, and you can find them strewn throughout the map in a variety of different spots. While you are searching for containers, keep in mind that these regions are extremely contested, so you should be ready for the possibility of coming across hostile forces.

What does DMZ stand for Cod?

The phrase “demilitarized zone” (sometimes abbreviated as DMZ) is just a more formal way of referring to a specific location that has been deemed to be off-limits to military activity.

Where is the basilisk in DMZ?

The Basilisk, just like every other weapon in MW2’s DMZ mode, is dispersed around the Al Mazrah area and may be found in places like as Duffle Bags, containers, boxes, and as general ground loot among other places.