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One Piece Odyssey – How to Defeat Rob Lucci Jaguar


An enormously entertaining open-world Japanese role-playing game is called One Piece Odyssey. One of the many bosses that players may encounter and possibly struggle with is Rob Lucci. The fight opens with a cinematic in which Luffy, still in his Jaguar form, comes at Lucci with a Gum Gum Gatling but is knocked out by a blow. This post will walk you through the process of taking down Rob Lucci’s Jaguar in a single piece:

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How to Defeat Rob Lucci Jaguar

In this combat, all you have to fight against is Rob Lucci, bereft of his goons and goons. Nevertheless, compared to your earlier confrontation in the sewers, he has a greater health bar. This offers you an advantage over area-of-effect moves when it comes to using Power attacks directed at him.

Lucci’s Finger Pistol Fire Sting is his most lethal strike. Any member of your party could be absolutely kicked out by it. Three claw swings are Lucci’s main attack, and Tempest Kick Victory Bird, his secondary move, deals damage to every member of your party. Occasionally, this attack will cause the targeted members to bleed and have less attack power for a few turns.

You can counter this by using items like the Shabby Ball, which will lower the opponent’s attack total (ATK) by 25% for three turns. This increases the likelihood that you will survive the battle without constantly using healing supplies. Additionally, you have the option to utilize Ragged Ball, which for three turns reduces DEF (defense) by 25%. This allows Lucci’s attack and defense to be reduced, which allows for greater damage to be done.

This battle has two phases. Luffy was knocked unconscious by Lucci in the opening cutscene, thus you won’t be able to utilize him in the first phase. When you lose half of the latter’s health, the second one starts. This starts a cutscene that features Usopp. Lucci aims his Finger Pistol Fire Sting at the Straw Hats, but he deflects it. Luffy gets into the battle after boosting the spirits of the crew.

With electric sparks all around him, Lucci’s assaults deal more damage to the people in your group. During this stage, keep attacking him with targeted blows from every member of the party. In one round, Chopper can be used as a dedicated healer. After that, he can be turned into a monster for five turns by using Monster Point.

The most powerful damage-dealing Gear 2 ability available to you is Luffy’s Gum Gum Jet Pistol. Lucci also takes a great quantity of concentrated damage from Nami’s Swing Arm talent. Zorro can also reduce the boss’s health faster with his Lion Song and 108 Pound Phoenix talents. Even in his tanky Jaguar form, you will have little trouble beating Lucci if you combine these skill attacks with Sanji’s Veau Shot.

A cinematic featuring Luffy launching a flurry of fast-moving punches known as the Gum Gum Jet Gatling attack concludes the fight. The Straw Hat captain’s final blow, which sends him flying into a wall, ends the protracted fight because Lucci is unable to match his might. After that, you can go ahead and meet Usopp.

Many of the bouts in One Piece Odyssey force players to use every game mechanic and keep them on edge. To increase their stats even further, one might experiment with different accessories. This can significantly alter the boss battles that take place in the game’s later levels.


What is Lucci weakness?

Lucci joined CP-0 during Luffy’s two years of training for the New World, demonstrating that he had become strong enough to join the one Cipher Pol that was stronger than CP9. Luffy stated that the only way to beat Lucci was to overwhelm him and that he had no real weaknesses.

Can Lucci beat Zoro?

These two fighters are more than capable of taking out the other because of their extraordinary strength. But when you consider everything that fans have witnessed from these two characters, Zoro seems to have the advantage. Zoro has accomplished feats in the past that are just unfathomable for Lucci to accomplish.

Is current Luffy stronger than Lucci?

Luffy is one of the series’ most powerful characters right now. He is far more powerful now than he was in Enies Lobby after fighting Lucci. He has mastered the advanced forms of each of the three Haki and obtained complete control over them in addition to learning how to wield them.

Can Rob Lucci use Conqueror’s Haki?

Conqueror’s Haki is a third kind of haki that is limited to a select few people. At this point, it’s unclear if Lucci belongs to this group. Armament Haki: Lucci is known to possess this kind of haki, though it’s unclear how far it may be used.

Is Rob Lucci a Marine or pirate?

Although Rob Lucci is not a traditional Marine, he is connected to the World Government. Lucci was trained as an assassin from an early age. After completing his training, Lucci developed into a fully functional destructive weapon.