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One Piece Odyssey – How to Beat Crocodile


One Piece Odyssey has a large number of foes as well as some of the most well-known bosses from the most well-known anime series. One is Alabasta’s antagonist Crocodile, and dealing with him can be quite painful. Players must use the different Straw Hat Pirates’ talents to tackle the obstacles the island presents when the Straw Hats find themselves shipwrecked on Waford. You will learn how to defeat Crocodile in One Piece Odyssey by reading this article:

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How to Beat Crocodile

After making these preparations, players are prepared to take on Crocodile, the primary antagonist of the Alabasta Kingdom storyline. Luffy and Sanji should be in the same location as Crocodile, with Usopp and Nami in a neighboring region, to do swift damage to Crocodile when players join his battle arena after facing him.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Beat Crocodile

Because of their respective type of disadvantages, Zoro and Robin should not be used during this battle since they will absorb much more damage from Crocodile and deal very little damage to him. Since Crocodile is a speed type, it will absorb more damage from Luffy, Sanji, and, in a pinch, Chopper, and deliver less damage to them; Zoro and Robin will have the opposite effect.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Beat Crocodile

Once the battle starts, have Usopp utilize the previously constructed Trickballs to reduce Crocodile’s stats. Next, players should have Nami use her Mirage Tempo ability to fortify Luffy and Sanji’s defenses while simultaneously giving them a far higher risk of being hit by hostile moves missing.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Beat Crocodile

Throughout, players should keep using Luffy and Sanji’s talents that have the highest damage potential according to their attack rating. If players want to deliver a little bit more damage a little bit faster, they can occasionally call on Usopp to use a crew bond move, which Zoro and Chopper can use without having to be on the field.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Beat Crocodile

Players can switch Nami for Chopper in the nearby region, and he will start to repair and cure Luffy and Sanji if Crocodile starts to deliver some damage and status problems. If Chopper runs out of TP, players can battle any sandstorms that Crocodile will conjure to annoy Usopp and the others nearby, or they can use part of Sanji’s Bedrock Salt Pasta to replenish TP instead of using Chopper to attack Crocodile. If you continue in this manner, Crocodile will ultimately give in to the strain of the Straw Hats, triggering phase two.


How weak is Crocodile One Piece?

He cannot swim and loses his abilities when submerged in water or comes into contact with seastones, just like other Devil Fruit eaters. However, he has an additional special weakness in that he is incapable of turning into sand when submerged in water or comes into contact with anything that is wet.

Is Luffy stronger than Crocodile?

Being the only foe to defeat Luffy twice gives Crocodile a special honor. He is in possession of the Suna Suna no Mi, a devil fruit with incredible power that lets Crocodile totally drain a person’s bodily moisture.

Can Zoro defeat Crocodile?

In actuality, Crocodile would presumably receive a mid-diff scenario from Zoro, meaning that he would likely receive a low diff. Crocodile may be able to use it, but Zoro has much stronger physical displays and is proficient with all three forms of haki. To win this, he doesn’t require Mihawk’s assistance.

Can Enel beat Crocodile?

Enel possesses greater power than Crocodile. Enel can burn most opponents with a maximum output of 200 million volts. He is impervious to the majority of physical attacks due to his lightning-fast reflexes. The sand of Crocodile might resist Enel’s power.

Can Crocodile defeat Luffy?

The Alabasta desert was the scene of their first conflict. After losing to Crocodile in their first encounter, Luffy overcame him in their decisive fight in the Alubarna Palace. This fight demonstrated Luffy’s development as a pirate and represented a pivotal moment in the story arc.