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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Zhuyan Guide


As you progress through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Zhuyan will be your second boss. Even though many people can’t help but laugh that Zhang Liang, the first boss, might be the hardest opponent in secret, the truth is that you’ll still need to adjust to entirely new fighting options if you want to keep going on and win. But it’s not too hard to defeat this beast if you play a more defensive style of gameplay. You will learn about Zhuyan guide in this text in a long time.

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Zhuyan’s Multiple Swings

Zhuyan’s signature move is to swing his lanky arms around, hitting targets one at a time. You can always dodge damage with a deflect, but it won’t knock him down. This is bad news if he swings more than once since Zhuyan will be able to strike you if you choose to attack rather than deflect.

Observing his body language is the only way to determine if he is getting ready for another swing.  He won’t swing his other arm if he spreads out following a deflect. He’s going to swing if he begins to prepare one. The frequency of this onslaught varies from one to three times.  The vertical slam that characterizes the third swing also signifies a tiny tempo shift for when you need to deflect.

Zhuyan might toss a rock during a swing if you’re a little bit away from him, but a Deflect will still shield you from harm. Once Zhuyan has sustained enough injury, he can also call out crimson thorn plants. Treat them as such; they are easy to avoid because they are only stage dangers.

Zhuyan’s Ranged Weapons

In contrast to the Boy with the Blindfold, Zhao Yun is able to support his statements in order to assist you. Trust Zhao Yun when he claims he’ll handle the fight; he can survive the onslaught regardless of how much damage he receives and will be able to divert Zhuyan’s attention for a while. Not only is now your finest opportunity to heal, but it’s also your best opportunity to experiment with the ranged attacks you’ve been collecting since the training stages ended.

In a brief period of time, the bow and arrow will be rapid and simple to aim. Although it’s not the strongest of your ranged attacks, you’ll find that, in a pinch, throwing multiple arrows at the beast will make good use of the little time you have.

Throwing knives deal fair damage, but if you are fortunate enough to find a poisoned one, you have plenty of options because of the short-lived poison damage in addition to the striking damage. If you’re the kind of person who loves explosives, your Soulslike bonfire counterpart of Wo Long features a marketplace where you can buy more arrows, throwing knives, poisoned throwing knives, and even a few fire bombs.

You won’t get these back if you use any of these against Zhuyan and then perish, so make sure to constantly check your menu resources. You won’t have any trouble selling the large amount of treasure enemies drop, so don’t worry too much about not being able to afford these supplies. You might want to check out the magic you can learn and set when browsing through this menu selection.

In the event that you would prefer not to spend money on the somewhat pricey poisoned throwing knives, there are a few poisoning spells that you can learn early on. Different play styles will suit different spells, so don’t be scared to experiment and find what suits you the best. Nevertheless, Zhuyan appears to sustain some damage from the lightning strike spell early on.

Finally, in connection with this, you can heal Zhang Yun when he loses all of his health without using any items. The only thing at danger is that Zhuyan might use this as a pretext to assault or murder you. Zhang won’t die, but you should at least treat him well because of how much of a shield he will be for you.

Zhuyan’s Deflecting

Make sure you learn this lesson by the time you fight Zhuyan, if it wasn’t instilled in you after Zhang Liang. It is possible to deflect every opponent assault, and it is probably best to do so. In certain circumstances, holding a block and using it to parry offers advantages, whereas in most others, dodging is just hopping.

By forcing an opening and removing the possibility of harm on your end, you can deflect. Zhuyan’s strikes can all be deflected, but the openings you might receive for each deflection in this battle won’t be equal. Examine them all; you’ll need to use many Deflects and impeccable timing.


Who is the hardest boss in Wu Long Dynasty?

All of the challenges in the game are meant to get you ready for the Boy with the Blindfold. If your focus wanes for even a moment, the Blindfolded Boy—the last and most difficult boss—will annihilate you.

Who is the final boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s Crouching Dragon Roars task pits you against the Blindfolded Boy, a former comrade from the game’s opening adventure. During this combat, your old acquaintance can even dodge your blows because he has picked up some new skills.

What is the best class in Wu Long Fallen Dynasty?

The Wood Phase is the greatest class in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty because of its balanced characteristics, making it ideal for new players.

What is the best early game weapon in wo long?

A basic piece of gear that might survive the whole of a playthrough, the White Wooden Cudgel is acknowledged as the most versatile weapon for players who are just beginning to tackle Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Every time the player lands a melee attack, this weapon has an inherent ability to recover more Spirit.

Where is Zhu Xia in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Before you cross the first bridge, there is a cave where you can find her. She and a few other NPCs can be found at the start of The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven. Zhu Xia will make the Hidden Village her permanent home after finishing The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven Mission.