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Onigiri VTuber Face Reveal, Age and Interesting Facts


Are you dying to know the truth behind Onigiri Vtuber’s hidden face? Well, get ready to have your curiosity satisfied! In this article, we’ll dive into the captivating world of Onigiri, an enigmatic streamer from Canada known for her mesmerizing cooking streams and impressive language skills. But the burning question remains: has Onigiri ever revealed her face? Join us as we uncover the secrets behind this mysterious Vtuber and explore fascinating facts about her age, ethnicity, and nationality. Get ready to be amazed!

Who Is Onigiri?

Do you know who Onigiri is and why there’s so much curiosity about their identity? Onigiri is an independent streamer from Canada who’s gained popularity for her pseudo-augmented reality cooking streams. She’s known for being multilingual, fluent in English, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Despite her poor gaming skills, the Onigiri channel has been active since August 2021.

The curiosity about Onigiri’s identity arises from the fact that she’s never done a face reveal. Many faceless gamers like Onigiri tend to remain anonymous, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue among viewers. Onigiri hasn’t shown her face on any of her official social media platforms, adding to the speculation and fascination surrounding her true appearance.

Onigiri Vtuber Face Reveal

If you’re curious, you’ll be disappointed that there hasn’t been a face reveal from Onigiri, the Vtuber. Many fans have eagerly awaited Onigiri’s real face, but so far, she’s chosen to remain anonymous. Unlike other faceless gamers who maintain an air of mystery, Onigiri hasn’t accidentally shown her face on any occasion. It seems that she’s determined to keep her identity hidden.

Onigiri Vtuber Face Reveal Age and Interesting Facts

Despite lacking a face reveal, Onigiri has managed to entertain and engage multiple audiences with her cooking streams and multilingual skills. While her age and ethnicity remain unknown, her Canadian nationality is confirmed. For now, Onigiri’s fans must continue enjoying her content without seeing her face.

Onigiri Vtuber Age & Height

You may be curious about Onigiri Vtuber’s age and height, but unfortunately, that information is currently unknown. As of 2023, her age remains a mystery, with no clues or speculations available. Although her birthday was revealed to be on June 9th, the year is unspecified. Similarly, her height is 4’11” (149cm).

Onigiri’s online presence has gained significant popularity, but she’s managed to keep her personal details hidden, including her face. Despite her mixed ethnicity and Canadian background, Onigiri’s real identity and nationality remain undisclosed. While she’s a strong Twitter presence, where she goes by the username @, her offline personality and appearance remain a secret. For now, fans must wait patiently for updates on Onigiri’s age and height.

Onigiri Nationality

Have you discovered the nationality of Onigiri? Well, if you’re curious, Onigiri is Canadian. Despite her growing fame as a streamer, Onigiri has managed to keep her real face a secret. There have been no updates on a potential face reveal happening anytime soon. However, Onigiri’s Twitter presence has allowed fans to connect with her more personally. With a decent number of followers, Onigiri’s bio states, ‘I cook stuff.’

While her ethnicity and mixed ancestry may be a topic of speculation, there’s no doubt about her Canadian background. So, even though we may not know what she looks like, we can still enjoy Onigiri’s entertaining content and appreciate the talent she brings to the streaming world.

Onigiri Twitter

You can frequently find updates and engaging content on Onigiri’s Twitter profile, so be sure to follow @Expand Tweet to stay connected. Onigiri’s Twitter presence is a great way to keep up with their latest news, announcements, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. They often share threads and images that give you a deeper insight into their world.

While Onigiri hasn’t revealed their face or personal information on social media, their tweets showcase their passion for cooking and their dedication to entertaining their audience. With growing followers, Onigiri’s Twitter profile is a hub of activity and interaction. By following @Expand Tweet today, you can join the conversation, show your support, and never miss out on any exciting updates from this talented streamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Onigiri’s Real Name?

Onigiri’s real name has not been revealed. Despite her growing fame and fan base, she has managed to keep her offline identity a secret, leaving fans curious about her true identity.

How Did Onigiri Become a Vtuber?

Onigiri became a Vtuber through her passion for streaming and entertaining audiences. She embraced the virtual world to connect with viewers and share her content. Her journey as a Vtuber has allowed her to engage with a diverse and supportive community.

Does Onigiri Have Any Siblings?

No, Onigiri does not have any siblings. She is an independent streamer from Canada known for her cooking streams and poor gaming skills. She has not revealed her face or shared any information about having siblings.

What Is Onigiri’s Favorite Video Game?

Onigiri’s favorite video game remains a mystery, as she has not revealed this information. Fans eagerly await the day when Onigiri will share her gaming preferences and give them a glimpse into her virtual world.

Does Onigiri Have Any Plans to Do a Face Reveal in the Future?

No, Onigiri has no plans to do a face reveal in the future. She has managed to maintain her anonymity and prefers to keep her real face hidden from her viewers.


In conclusion, despite the curiosity and speculation surrounding Onigiri’s face reveal, the mystery remains unsolved. Onigiri continues to captivate viewers with her unique cooking streams and multilingual abilities. Her age, ethnicity, and nationality also remain undisclosed. But one thing is for sure, Onigiri’s enigmatic persona adds to her allure as a captivating Vtuber.