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Paleo Pines: A Beginner’s Guide to Tips and Tricks


Paleo Pines is an interesting video game since it takes place on an island where humans and dinosaurs coexist in harmony. Paleo Pines is the excellent game if you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to have dinosaurs as pets. In contrast to other games of this type, your dino buddies will be friends and allies rather than tourist attractions. In this tutorial, you will learn the fundamentals of paleo pines:

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Grow Crops Near the Water

Producing food is a major industry in Paleo Pines. You’ll have to do everything from planting seeds to tending to your crops all by yourself in the start of the game. It’s exhausting and time-consuming, but it’s the only viable farming method.

Until, that is, you domesticate some appropriate dinosaurs and make them pleasant enough to work as farm hands. For instance, the hardy Styracosaurus can aid in tilling the soil, and the agile Gallimimus can drink up a ton of water to then spray on your crop field.

Paleo Pines: Beginners Guide

Unfortunately, once a dinosaur drinks from your farm pond, it will move at a snail’s pace. Apparently, it requires a lot of mental effort to retain its internal moisture. Sowing seeds close to a water source will help mitigate this problem. You’ll need to spend less time watering your crops as a result.

Save Money For the Food

Dinosaurs, as you probably already guessed, were voracious eaters. And eventually, you’ll find that you have more dinos than you know what to do with. This is only logical, seeing as how the game is all about taming beautiful prehistoric creatures.

The issue is that maintaining a huge farm that is home to a variety of dinosaurs is a laborious and pricey endeavor. It is possible that dinosaurs preferred herbivore food, carnivore food, both, or neither of these types of diet depending on the species of dinosaur they were.

Paleo Pines: Beginners Guide

Food suitable for herbivores can be discovered strewn about outside, but carnivores will need to make a purchase from Corlan in the village. When compared to the more affordable rate of three shells per unit of herbivore food, the price of eight shells per unit of carnivore diet is quite steep.

Save On Fences

One thing that isn’t immediately clear about fences is the fact that they are used to make up the entirety of the perimeter around your property! Because these are completely functional as pen fences, you can use them to create pens instead of purchasing new fences and so save money.

Paleo Pines: Beginners Guide

This makes it an easy and useful chore to place pens right up against the perimeter of your farm, which saves on space and money at the same time.

Seeds & Soil

The operation of the soil system is not something that is made particularly clear to you throughout the game. The information can also be found in the menu labelled “Help,” however for your convenience, we have outlined it in more detail below:

  • There are a number of distinct kinds of fertilizer. The majority of ground crops have a favored soil type, and in order to modify the soil type in an area once the seeds have sprouted, you have to apply fertilizer to the patch of soil.
  • Once you have inspected a crop once, your diary will tell you what type of soil the crop prefers to grow in.
  • After being completely harvested, each crop will result in a distinct sort of soil being left behind.

You may put this information to good use by planning productive farms that don’t call for the use of a great deal of actual fertilizer (which you get by using the shovel to clean up dinosaur messes in their pens).

Paleo Pines: Beginners Guide

If you cultivate your crop in the appropriate soil, it will have a greater probability of providing you with additional items upon harvest and will be of higher quality overall.

Packs Vs. Herds

The game does a poor job of elucidating the distinctions between the various social types of dinosaurs, which is another aspect that needs improvement. Being alone is not particularly difficult, but what distinguishes dinosaurs that like to travel in packs from those that like to travel in herds?

Paleo Pines: Beginners Guide

Social Category Explanation
Solitary These dinosaurs wish to be in a pen on their own.
Pack These dinosaurs prefer to be in pens with 2-3 dinosaurs in them total.
Herd These dinosaurs don’t mind how many dinosaurs they share a pen with.

In spite of these classifications, keep in mind that the pleasure of a dinosaur is determined not only by the size of its enclosure but also by its fellow inmates. It is necessary to construct an enclosure that is large enough for each dinosaur to have its own comfortable living space within the enclosure.


How do you tame in Paleo Pines?

In order for players to become friends with a dinosaur in Paleo Pines, they must first use the flute to attract the dinosaur’s attention and then learn its friend call, which is a form of song that differs for each dinosaur based on the color of the music note and the duration of the song.

How do you get forest wood Paleo Pines?

A route that leads west into a dense woodland is the giveaway that you’re in this wood. When you get here for the very first time, you’ll see a massive boulder in the middle of the path. It will be necessary for you to tame a dinosaur in order to open up this boulder.

Where is Dapplewood in Paleo Pines?

Pebble Plaza, a small settlement in the valley’s middle, Mari’s house, Owynn’s house, and a variety of dinosaurs and wild plants may all be found in Veridian Valley. In addition to the southeast trail leading to Ariacotta Canyon, there is a northwest path leading to Dapplewood Forest.

How do you change biomes in Paleo Pines?

The player can alter a pen’s biome by decorating it with the necessary items. The user will receive a notice and the pen’s look will change to reflect the biome type if they have enough decorations of that type based on the pen’s scale.