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Palworld – How to Find Huge Egg


Palworld, it is quite difficult to locate the Huge Dark Egg. To find it, you have to do a thorough investigation of the Palpagos Islands’ terrain. You can find rare Pals that only the luckiest can catch, or you can hatch some formidable ones. This contains some of the top dragons in the game, such as Jetragon and Relaxaurus. Huge Dragon Eggs are a somewhat rare variety of eggs that can be found in the wild and can be used to obtain these dragons. You can learn how to locate a large egg in Palworld by reading this article:

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Where to Find Huge Egg

You need a Flying Pal in Palworld in order to locate a Huge Dark Egg. After that, you have to mount it and explore every inch of the overworld. The egg might not be in easily accessible locations because of its high value. We can infer that obtaining the dark variation is comparable to how gamers discovered the Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld.

Palworld - How to Find Huge Egg

Make sure you don’t miss any locations, in particular the cliffs, highlands, and stone summits. Hunters have reportedly discovered Huge Eggs at high altitudes.

TIP: The ability to soar through the skies with a Neutral-type Pal like Nitewing is crucial since it gives you a bird’s eye perspective of the surroundings.

How to Hatch a Dark Egg

When playing on Normal Difficulty, it may take up to two hours for a Huge Dark Egg to hatch after you place it inside the Palworld Incubator. The incubation procedure is the same as for Normal, Large, and Huge eggs, however the time required varies.

Palworld - How to Find Huge Egg

For this reason, to locate and hatch uncommon eggs in Palworld, a collector must possess both patience and determination. The item you placed inside the incubator is indicated by the incubator’s condition. If it reads, “Seems very comfortable,” you can be confident everything is well. But occasionally, it can remark something like “Seems a little cold” or “Seems just a little cold.” This is the point at which an external source must be used to heat the egg.


What is a huge egg in “Palworld”?

A huge egg in “Palworld” is a rare and valuable item that can be obtained from certain types of Pal creatures or found in specific locations.

Which Pal creatures drop huge eggs in “Palworld”?

Pal creatures such as the Giant Roc, the Ancient Dragon, or other large and powerful creatures are known to drop huge eggs when defeated.

Can I increase my chances of finding a huge egg in “Palworld”?

Yes, you can increase your chances by using Pal creatures with abilities or skills that increase loot drop rates, or by using items that boost your luck stat.

Are there any specific locations where huge eggs are more likely to be found in “Palworld”?

Huge eggs are more likely to be found in areas with high-level Pal creatures or in hidden areas that require exploration and puzzle-solving to access.

What can I do with a huge egg in “Palworld”?

Huge eggs can be used in crafting recipes to create powerful items, or they can be sold for a high price to earn money in the game.