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Palworld – How to Change Arrow Type


During what seems like an eternity in the early hours of Palworld, one of the most important items that players will be creating is arrows. Purchasing everything you need is a pain. Palworld provides an extensive range of arrow variations, each with distinct qualities and varying degrees of efficacy against particular Pal species, before they acquire more modern weaponry like firearms. You will learn how to change the type of arrow in Palworld by reading this post:

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How to Farm Arrows

Players must build up their base in Palworld such that they have a Berry Plantation, a Logging Site, and a Stone Pit, and that Pals are working on all three in order to farm Arrows. This gives Pals all the materials needed for Arrows in addition to food to keep them going.

The next step is for players to queue up as many Arrows as they can and begin production using the Primitive Workbench. Players can spend hours exploring the base if they just make sure there is at least one Pal with the Handiwork talent present. Their pal will have made as many Arrows as they could in the time they’ve been working when they return.

Palworld - How to Change Arrow Type

Arrows can be crafted by Pals more quickly the higher their Handiwork skill. Once players reach level 19, they can additionally construct and position the Large Toolbox. All of the base’s pals’ Handiwork speeds are increased with this item, thus tasks will be finished more quickly.

We created 249 Arrows with this strategy while letting our game run in the background. All we did was log in periodically to feed our characters and our pals. In order to queue up additional arrows, we also needed to shift some resources into chests, but farming all of these arrows and many more only required ten minutes of controlled play.

How to Change Arrow Type

You won’t find a way to switch between different types of arrows quickly. Each arrow type has a corresponding bow type; only that particular bow can use that one. For instance, a fire arrow cannot be fired with a conventional bow; only a fire bow can. You can quickly switch between arrows because there isn’t an arrow wheel or hotkey you can configure, but you need to equip a different bow first.

Additionally, only one bow can be applied to the active inventory slot. To use a different bow, you must access your whole inventory by pressing “Enter” and dragging the chosen weapon to the active slot adjacent to your character.

Palworld - How to Change Arrow Type

It’s a clumsy approach, but you can practice fighting a particular adversary by getting the necessary bow before you engage in combat to save blunders and frustration. This eliminates the need to cycle through your inventory while under attack and allows you to remain with the same type of bow and arrows throughout the conflict.


How many pals are in Palworld?

When you catch a friend, it will appear in full color in the Paldeck and include information about potential drops, the friend’s partner skill, work attributes, food level, and capture bonus. At the moment, Palworld has 137 Pals.

How many monsters are there in Palworld?

In the Palpagos Islands, there are more than 130 Pals to capture. Palworld Pals are a diverse group of approximately 130 creatures that can be used for combat, capture, and various purposes. Millions of gamers have stepped into the game and are attempting to bank all 130 Pals, which is proving to be a challenging feat.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

Palworld uses a method of creating fusion Pals in place of evolution. This is basically the same Pal, but either their original Type gets replaced, or they acquire a new one. Jolthog, who was initially an Electric Type but is now an Ice Type in Jolthog Cryst, is an illustration of the latter.

Is Palworld multiplayer?

It supports multiplayer, so grab a friend and embark on an adventure together! Naturally, you may also trade pals and engage in combat with your mates. Up to four people can play together in online cooperative mode.

Will Palworld have Shinies?

Although they are categorized as one of various Palworld varieties, yes, there are shinies on Palworld. The Lucky Pals are the equivalent of shinies in Palworld; they can be identified by their shimmering appearance and the shimmering sound they make when they are near you.

What are lucky pals in Palworld?

Rare variations of Pals, known as Lucky Pals, are found in the Palpagos islands. They include a small bell sound effect that activates when you go close to them, making them difficult to miss. There are sparkles all around them, and they are typically larger than average.