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Palworld – How to Get Honey


Palworld is fundamentally a survival game in which you must gather various materials for construction and crafting. These resources can be found or acquired by fighting specific Pals and are dispersed across the open environment. Honey is a necessary crafting material in Palworld, so you’ll want to collect as much of it as possible. Thus, the following post will clarify how to obtain honey in Palworld:

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Palworld Honey Locations

As far as we can tell, only four Pals release honey when they are vanquished or captured.

  • Warsect
  • Elizabee
  • Beegarde
  • Cinnamoth

Palworld - How to Get Honey

Cinnamoth is the easiest to locate and you can get to the quickest. Not unexpectedly, they reside in Cinnamoth Forest, but also in almost every other part of that island. Cinnamoth is located west of Hypocrite Hill fast travel point, all around the Ritual Site, and close to the Lake Center fast travel point. You should be at least level 11 before attempting to take them on, as they are roughly between levels 16 and 18.

Palworld - How to Get Honey

This island is full of Free Pal grunts that will immediately attack you. They may be dealt with more difficultly and are around a level 20. But if you time your blows right, you can allow a grunt to fight the Pals, then take out a weak Cinnamoth to retrieve its honey. If a grunt or a friend you can’t control knocks them out, they won’t give up.

Elizabee and Beegarde are your next best options. These occupy the sizable island northeast of the starting point of your voyage. I have never seen Beegarde around the Mount Flopie fast travel point, north of Lake Center, as some players claim to have found it. I did, however, uncover a lot closer to the northeastern Snowy Mountain Fork point and further south, all the way down to Gobfin’s Turf.

Palworld - How to Get Honey

In the same locations, Elizabee reside in Beegarde colonies. Warsect, a wasp-like Pal that is exclusive to a small island north of the volcano, comes last. Don’t rely on Warsect as your primary supply of honey because it’s not the simplest region to get.

How to Get Honey

The two Pals that drop honey when vanquished in the open world are Beegarde and Cinnamoth, as far as we can tell. There are many beegarde in a pack. They are located at coordinates 43, -49, close north of the Mount Flopie Summit fast travel point.

Palworld - How to Get Honey

Beegardes can explode after being hit, so keep that in mind when fighting them. It is possible to take advantage of this explosive behavior. Just keep going around until they explode and drop the necessary honey as you hit them with ranged weapons and they begin to tick.

Conversely, Cinnamoth are less difficult to take down and may be located at the quick travel location known as Cinnamoth Forest, which is located at coordinates -75, -272. They don’t blow up and look like butterflies. Bear in mind that they frequently travel in groups and that once they see you, they usually flee.


Where are bees in Palworld?

There are many beegarde in a pack, and they are located at coordinates 43, -49, close north of the Mount Flopie Summit fast travel point. Beegardes can explode after being hit, so keep that in mind when fighting them.

How do you get milk and eggs in Palworld?

Once a breeding farm has been constructed, add a female and a male Pal to the farm, and make sure the chest connected to the farm has at least one cake. The two Pals will yield one egg per cake in the chest.

How do I breed pals in Palworld?

You can breed Pals together in Palworld to have children. To get them to breed, you’ll need a Pal Breeding Farm, a male and a female Pal, and cake.

How do you get flour in Palworld?

In Palworld, you must first obtain Wheat and a Mill in order to obtain Flour. It’s crucial to remember that this will take a significant amount of time.