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Payday 3 – How to Do a Takedown


While playing Payday 3, you should become proficient at takedowns. This useful skill allows you to secretly take out guards or civilians by grabbing them. Takedowns are a real element in Payday 3 that can only be utilized under specific conditions. They are not just another way of saying how to deal with a guard. In addition to being completely chaotic, Payday 3 allows you to be cunning and take down your adversaries. You can learn how to perform a takedown in Payday 3 by reading this article:

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How to Do a Takedown

Before doing a Takedown, make sure you are wearing a mask. You won’t be able to carry it out till then. Once you have, complete the task by following these steps:

  • To use an adversary as a Human Shield, sneak up on them and press F.

Payday 3 - How to Do a Takedown

  • Next, in Payday 3, do a Takedown by aiming for the head while holding down the F key.

Payday 3 - How to Do a Takedown

  • Ensure to answer the security guard’s radio if you have successfully knocked them out. If not, other security personnel on the site will become suspicious.
  • Additionally, when doing a takedown, ensure no adversaries, civilians, or CCTV cameras are in the area.

The rare times when you can take down an enemy stealthily will come. However, it’s not that hard to pull off this trick if you exercise enough caution.

When to Use Takedowns in Payday 3

Takedowns are a great way to take out patrolling guards without setting off the alarm or revealing your location. You can take out a guard to clear a path without losing stealth as long as you conceal the body somewhere that it won’t be noticed.

However, there is a warning: they will hear a call on their radio after taking out a guard. We’ll sound the alarm if you don’t answer the radio. Regardless, you can only respond to four radios before the alarm goes off, and your screen will automatically track this amount. Once you eliminate four guards, the alarm will sound and you will no longer be able to remain stealthy.

What happens when you Takedown an Enemy in Payday 3

Nothing occurs at first, and as long as you conceal the body when no one is around and no cameras are filming your movements, you won’t blow your cover. No sooner will you put on your mask than it will be blown. So, while wearing your mask, you must remain perfectly silent. Anyone who notices you wearing the mask should notify the guards right away, and they should sound the alarms.

Payday 3 - How to Do a Takedown

Therefore, we highly advise that you wear the mask only when it is not necessary for you to pass through populated regions of the game and that you always begin taking out adversaries from behind when you are almost at the finish of your mission. For instance, in The Wicked Heist, the game will ask you to put on the mask as soon as you defeat the executive and are able to unlock the safe.

If you’re playing with pals, though, you can eliminate opponents while they finish the covert mission without having to reveal their whereabouts. Takedown is a really useful skill, so if you want to finish Payday 3 assignments quickly, you should absolutely learn it.


How do you take guards hostage in Payday 3?

In Payday 3, players can kidnap hostages by doing the following easy steps: Select a captive and force them to descend to the earth. In order to get hostages to fall to the ground, players can also yell at them while brandishing a gun at them.

Can you stealth kill in Payday 3?

In Payday 3, takedowns are a new feature that let you kill guards from a more favorable angle than before. You must be masked in order to approach a guard from behind and take them down without being noticed. You’ll then receive an instruction to use them as a human shield.

How do you shout in Payday 3?

After being apprehended by a civilian, the player can yell at them by hitting the Up button on consoles or the Middle Mouse Button on PCs. Gamers have two options while shouting at civilians: they can point at the civilians’ position or aim their gun directly at them.

Can you take off your mask in Payday 3?

It is important to note that unless the player restarts the heist, they are unable to take off their mask once they have put it on. Because of this, single gamers will have to consider carefully before donning their mask and beginning a heist.

How do you get civilians on the floor in Payday 3?

It is legal to kidnap any civilian, but not law enforcement or security personnel. You can force them to the ground by pointing a gun at them and shouting at them. To accomplish this on a PC, click the middle mouse button.