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Sea Of Stars – Completing the Air Elemental Skyland


Sea of Stars has several dungeons and puzzles, but the Air Elemental Skyland is particularly moving because of its importance to the story. Like most dungeons in Sea of Stars, it can be a little difficult to figure out where to go, how to solve some challenges, and how to find all the treasures inside. This guide will teach you how to complete the Air Elemental Skyland in the Sea of Stars:

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Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

First, proceed past the enormous blue crystal to some ledges behind the main door by using the Wind Key, which you should have received previously in the Cloud Kingdom. Climb up here, and you’ll encounter various adversaries to vanquish. Though remember that you currently only have Zale and Resh’an, this fight should be quite simple.

Sea Of Stars - Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

There will be an eclipse puzzle to solve after they are vanquished. First fill the light path on the left side, then swiftly move it to the shorter side on the right. As a result, the mirror and laser will emerge, lighting up the area, activating a nearby switch, and creating a wind tunnel. Now move the platform over to the tunnel. Once you engage with it, you will be transported to a new location. If you require them, a campfire and save point are located here.

After eliminating the adversaries in this area, proceed to the upper right and traverse Graplou across several platforms. Continue on this path until you encounter another eclipse puzzle. Make careful to take use of the Rainbow Conch and the Conflagrate Combo Move that are visible through a little open doorway to your left before attempting this. Return outside and ascend to the puzzle now.

Sea Of Stars - Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

To begin, align the eclipse pillar’s light with the upper right corner. This will cause a chest containing the Cypress Cork, a weapon that you can equip for Resh’an. Now illuminate the remaining three light channels by rotating the light counter-clockwise. As a result, two rotatable mirrors and a laser will appear. You want the laser to strike the switch pillar on the opposite side, so if you’re fast, you can spin the mirrors before they descend once more.

As the laser descends, aim it to the right with the first mirror and slant it upward toward the switch with the second mirror. Fly to the other side and defeat the enemy here by using the recently discovered wind tunnel. Then turn left and ascend the rock wall, following the trail until you come upon a hovering blue crystal. When you engage with this, the Triangular Slab will be yours to take. Later on, you’ll need this to solve several problems.

Now, ascend the nearby rock wall and vanquish the adversaries to reach the Hexagonal Slab, another hovering crystal. After grabbing it, return to the prior location by way of the wind tunnel. After that, proceed to the open door where you discovered the Combo Move and Rainbow Conch. There, you’ll notice a triangle socket. When you interact with this and choose the Triangular Slab, a Graplou point will appear directly above you. Navigate to this Graplou point and utilize it to cross over to the other side.

Sea Of Stars - Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

Continue on this path until you reach the previous campfire and save spot. You may now locate a hexagonal socket by moving up toward the upper left corner of the space. The wind tunnel next to you will activate when you place the hexagonal slab here. As you soar into the air, leap back down the tunnel before continuing. You will land on a stone that is suspended within the tunnel. This chest contains the Assassin’s Pin. Grab it.  Now jump to the ground, take off again, soar up the tunnel, and then turn left to ascend the next wind tunnel.

This chest will hold your Sky Armor, so head across the tightrope to the right and take it. Proceed to the left, down the waterfall and back across the tightrope. After eliminating the adversaries here, descend to the left, and go along the Graplou trail until you reach a sequence of wind tunnels. Utilize them all to get to a rock wall, scale it, and then proceed around the edge to another waterfall.

Sea Of Stars - Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

After jumping down, turn right and you’ll see a few platforms out of reach and need a piece to join them. To accomplish this, ascend to the grass platform above you and circumvent to the upper landmass, where you must defeat some opponents. Proceed to the upper left, ascend the ledges, and descend toward the propeller. With a quick spin, a cross-platform will emerge, joining all the bridges together.

Now that you have that, you may go to the region on the right where another eclipse puzzle exists. This time, light the light path on the right side first, then light the smaller route on the left by rotating it counterclockwise. Raising a mirror and laser will cause the adjacent door to open. Enter and be ready for the final major puzzle.

Sea Of Stars - Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

Once you get beyond the brief combat encounter that greets you upon entry, you’ll be faced with several mirrors and a laser. To aim the laser at the switch pillar in the upper left corner of the region, here, rotate the first mirror the laser is striking. The back wall will become a climbable surface as a result. The next step is to adjust the mirrors so that the laser strikes the yellow gem on the right wall. The arrangement is shown in the picture below.

As you proceed to the following level, the laser will fire through the wall on the right side. In this instance, the switch pillar on the left side of the room is where you want the laser to strike. Using the visible mirrors, create the same shape as you did on the lower level for this. The arrangement is shown in the picture below. This will build a bridge that you can cross to exit. Ensure you take hold of the chest containing the Azure Cape before leaving.

Sea Of Stars - Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

This will take you outside to where there will be fighting. After you take out the adversaries, there will be another laser problem. To turn on the switch pillar in the space’s upper right corner, spin the mirrors. This will cause a blue crystal to emerge on this area’s right side. When you approach it and engage with it, Resh’an will utilize his magic to absorb your Coral Hammer’s energy and transform it into the Cobalt Hammer.

The large blue crystal at the entrance to this dungeon region can now be smashed, as can all the other blue crystals in the globe. Smash the blue crystals at the bottom of this area with your new item, then proceed down the path and waterfalls to the campfire and save point once more. Proceed to the bottom left wind tunnel and return to the location of the first eclipse puzzle from there.

Sea Of Stars - Completing the Air Elemental Skyland

Now, descend to the enormous blue crystal. Use the Cobalt Hammer to engage with it, smashing it open to release the wind within, which Resh’an will then seize. You’ve completed the dungeon and are ready to proceed to the next phase of this emotional adventure.


Is there post game in Sea of Stars?

You can explore Sea of Star’s different extra content after finishing the game’s main plot. This has a secret and very different ending.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapons in the game for Valere and Zale, respectively, are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, and they can provide a significant advantage over the last boss. All of the playable characters in the game have access to a variety of weaponry.

How many endings are in Sea of Stars?

The game offers two distinct endings that are highly dissimilar from one another.

Who runs the spa Sea of Stars?

Sea of Stars: Mirth Spa Tender Location. Go over to Stonemasons Outpost on Sleeper Island to find Chi, the guy in charge of the area’s hot springs. Take a little look about and you’ll probably come across a cute Molekin who is just itching to take a bath.

Who is the final boss Sea of Stars?

A character in Sea of Stars is named Elysan’darëlle. She is the last boss of the original game ending and the corrupted version of Erlina.