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Dave The Diver – How to Get Topaz


If you’ve been playing Dave the Diver for a while, you surely know that there are a lot of objects in the game to gather, and most of them are necessary to improve your weaponry or get money. They can occasionally be utilized in culinary preparations. While the core gameplay in Dave the Diver consists of story quests, restaurant management, and sea hunting, you cannot advance the game without gathering supplies. You can learn how to obtain Topaz in Dave the Diver by reading this article:

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How to Get Topaz

You must travel to the chilly and perilous Glacial Area and search for big orange crystals to obtain Topaz in Dave the Diver. Topaz crystals spawn everywhere in the vicinity, just like ores, minerals, and containers, so you’ll need to explore to discover them.

Dave The Diver - How to Get Topaz

Additionally, on average, two crystals can be found at the spot in a single visit. And you will get two to three topaz by mining each of them. The Glacial Area is a late-game location, so getting there is challenging, but it’s not the hardest part of the journey. For the orange crystal, mining is far more difficult. You will never obtain Topaz with low-level weaponry.

Thus, the following choices will assist you in shattering the orange crystal and obtaining the required material:

  • First, even with the Dive Knife, you can mine crystals. However, you have to enhance it to the highest level possible—level 3. In contrast, mining ore from the beginning just requires one upgrade for this weapon.
  • Additionally, you can obtain a variety of pickaxes by opening containers and diving throughout the Blue Hole Depths and Glacial Area. Using these instruments, you may easily break the orange crystal and obtain topaz.
  • It’s finally possible to utilize powerful melee weapons. Some of these weapons can also be found in Blue Hole Depths and Glacial Area containers.

Dave The Diver - How to Get Topaz

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t spend topaz right away when you have it. High-level equipment improvements require this stuff, and you’ll need a good deal of it. If you are one of the players who sometimes arrives at the Glacial Area too soon, try to conserve your rare ores and use them carefully.


What can the large net gun catch Dave the Diver?

The following big fish and sharks can be captured using a steel net: Reefshark, Blacktip. Tahiti Nui.

What is the best sniper in Dave the Diver?

This beast has a 20-range, three shots per magazine, and the greatest damage per shot of any weapon—32. This weapon, being a sniper, is obviously incredibly accurate, and the laser sight makes aim quite simple.

Is Raptor good Dave the Diver?

Because of his abilities, Raptor is one of the more unusual employees you can work with. He is the only employee with access to both Wasabi Refill and Cocktail Serving abilities.

How do I get better guns in Dave the Diver?

After Duff contacts you in Chapter 2 regarding getting resources to enhance your weapons, you can visit Duff’s shop via your phone to upgrade your weapons. Certain weapons can only be upgraded in a straight line, such the Net Gun and Hush Dart.

How many fish are in Dave the Diver?

In Dave the Diver, you can capture fish from over a hundred different species. We’ve searched the entire Blue Hole for them, and in this guide, we’ll list every fish in the game along with their locations. The fish can be found in the areas below, but occasionally they can show up elsewhere.